Samsung Galaxy S8: Screenshots Give Insight Into Software

Until the Samsung Galaxy S8 celebrates world premiere, it probably takes only a few weeks. Even now, the keyboards are running hot in the entire network, as almost every day new rumors and leaks appear on Samsung’s flagship. Meanwhile there are also new screenshots, which allow a little insight into the software of the new Boliden.

Leaks Over Leaks

On 29th March the Samsung Galaxy S8 is to be officially presented as part of its own event. At the end of April you can order it directly. The first pictures and photos of the smartphone were impressive. The new screenshots from the user interface are also not bad. Samsung has changed its surface considerably and gives the design a completely new painting.

New Navigation And Icons

The navigation bar has been completely reworked and reminds a little of the buttons of Huawei, but has also been visible from the Android standard. You can arrange the three buttons differently as you like. So if you want to have the Homebutton on the far right, you can set it up easily. Also the icons have got a freshness. Overall, they are very clean and therefore not as excited as many other variants. With different colors underlined, the icons can be kept apart, so you do not loose the overview in the menu.

New Design Only For Galaxy S8?

The filigree buttons and icons make the new design of the user interface look very chic and modern.The Galaxy S8 is a clear step forward and not only offer some new technical features. Whether the new design will also be available for older generations of the Galaxy range, however, is not yet clear.It may well be that Samsung would offer the optics exclusively for the Galaxy S8.