Samsung: Soon Only Galaxy “Edge”?

Since the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the rounded display has become quite salon-capable. The functions that such a rounded edge entails are very popular and are further expanded by Samsung. With the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has now released a smartphone, of which there is no variant without “Edge”. Previously, customers still had the choice. This is not supposed to change in the future either. Samsung thinks about it, the smartphones without “Edge” does not produce any more.

Edge Display As The Brand’s Trademark

With the Galaxy Note 7 the South Koreans publish a device, which as an alternative for the first time no smartphone without rounded edges brings with it. There are two models, the Galaxy S7 and theGalaxy S7 Edge. However, next year, the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be launched as an alternative to the market, so the customers have no choice.

The reason for this could be the positioning of the brand. Apart from the ever-evolving specifications such as resolution, processor and performance, the rounded display is the most striking and unique feature. The Edge display would make the difference to other brand smartphones.

Note 7 As Dress Rehearsal

The Galaxy Note 7 you can already pre-order in our Onlineshop together with a favorable tariff.The new model could serve as a test device for Samsung to see how well a model sells that no longer offers an alternative to the edge display. Even for cost reasons, this way of thinking would be reasonable because a dual production of different models would certainly be more expensive than concentrating on a single device and producing it in large series.

On the other hand, there are reports from numerous users who are not very good at using the edge display, because the edges are repeatedly operated inadvertently and, above all, one-handed operation is sometimes difficult.