Save Now, Always Enjoy

In this holiday, if you want to save and improve your home, this topic is for you: discusses how to give another face to your home through light, caring for your pocket and being more green to protect the environment.

The option to achieve the savings is related to the reduction in the cost of electrical energy that brings the use of LED luminaires and lamps (bulbs).

Advantages of LED there are many; the main energy-saving is arriving to consume up to 20 times less than the common lamps, which reaches up to 90% reduction in energy consumption.

The duration of a LED is up to 35,000 hours, while an incandescent bulb only lasts 1,000; the variety of tones of light allows that you can make combinations depending on the space and environment that you want to achieve.

Do you know YDLED-600/16W/30/B, perfect fixture in aluminium led? Or what about this recessed fixed LED dimmable:?

Styles of lighting (LEDs) are varied; Tecno Lite has a special from this type of lighting catalogue, by what will surely find enough options for the space that you want to decorate with a touch of light that only you know give you.

Many already have seen the change in the image and great savings generated by migrating to LEDs, so we invite you also to save and be greener.

Give you an idea by visiting to our dealers and go about the extensive variety of LED that will make your home unique and saving. Be greener with Tecno Lite!