See 3 Sensational Tips to Choose the Bride Look

The day of the wedding is eagerly awaited by most people. Especially for women, who often dream of this moment from the most tender ages, creating a mixture of high expectations and anxiety.

They all want to be incredibly beautiful, because it will be a date that would mark the memory for a long time, besides being an occasion when the bride is the center of attention of all guests. On account of this, choosing the right look is crucial and many doubts may arise.

You’re getting married? You want help to get a little more security on this special day? Read the following text and check out sensational tips for a perfect look for the time of SIM!


The bridal gown is the accessory that draws the sleep of women at the time of marriage. For each body there is an option that falls better.

For example, you don’t have to have big worries. Any cut values the curves and brings great visibility.

Already who has fewer curves and a more rectangular body, open the eyes: A dress Acinturado can do wonders and give the look you sought. For those with a large hip, the intention is to divert the looks of this region. Therefore, a bolder cleavage or a fall may be the best alternatives. Finally, for those that have larger shoulders and lap than the hip, the hint is to depart for models that highlight the bottom, like the layered skirt and the bodice.


The bouquet is a charming and special accessory, which should combine with the taste and also with the dress of the bride. The flowers and their colours should contribute to a harmonious and beautiful air at the ceremony.

The most common formats are the stroke, the cascade and the round, but some women prefer to marry only one branch of Arruda or a button of roses. For lower women, for example, fleeing the Cascade model is a good idea, because it flattens the look.

For more discreet dresses, the bouquet can be bolder and colorful, while embroidered or shiny dresses ask for a more discreet and contained bouquet. The stroke model goes well with the hope that falls and the single front, while the Cascade combines better with V-collar necklines, the Brazilian favourites, falls well with long sleeves, shoulder to shoulder and are the perfect pair of rounded necklines, and should be avoided only by women above weight.


The jewels are part of the visuals of brides and are elements that help demonstrate the nobleness and purity of marriage. In the olden days, the idea was that the jewels were more discreet, not to steal the role of the dress.

But the fact is, today, they’re part of a stylish and personality wedding. Using the jewels in your favor can greatly value your image.

Many women, for example, love the tiaras and they really are a great flash. They’re beautiful and they look like “princess” to brides, especially if they are tasteful.

Bright Bracelets help create the visual of the modern and urban bride. Necklaces and earrings are also indispensable and end up completing the perfect look of a day that promises to be unforgettable! These are the best tips for you to create a perfect bride look.

What are the choices that make all the difference to you? Use our tips and make this moment exactly the way you’ve always dreamed!