Set of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Are you starting in the world of makeup? Do you want to buy acrylic nail brushes, but don’t know where to start? This post is essentially a makeup guide for who will buy the first brushes.

Set of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

No one needs to buy all the makeup brushes in the face. Even for that, not always the money is left over for that. The brushes that I list in this article are the essential, the “must have”, which make the difference when put on makeup. The others that exist on the market can survive for a time without them.

Base, concealer, pancake can apply in other ways. There are even special sponges that replace the brushes and give to get proper coverage and perfect.

Powder brush: a brush that the “head” is greater. That’s why it needs to be able to facilitate the application of the powder in a larger area (the face). Used during the preparation of the skin.

Blush brush: it features a big “head” because its application in a concentrated area of the face – in apple’s face (following the zygomatic line).

Shadow brush: the brush can be applied in other way such as applicator and cotton swabs. When acquires a shadow brush you know the huge difference that this tool does for makeup. It is firmer and different from that of fume the shadow. Use it for heavy makeup or softer powder.

Lip brush: the cosmetic brushes of lips is to apply lipstick. The lipstick when applied with the brush keeps the texture, contours, and has a better absorption. I’d say that provides a more refined coverage of lipstick.

Where’s the fifth brush? The eyebrow brush. Can I tell you a little secret? Purchase a new toothbrush and leave it to comb the eyebrow. You will see that it is much better to spend with a brush to brush eyebrow.

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