SFW: French – Asian Fall with Carin Wester

The party has begun! With Carin Westers viewing on Monday evening crashed Stockholm Fashion Week started in earnest. The spectators at the prestigious Berns got to see a typical Westersk collection of dressy pants and very stuck, but also with several protruding elements. Hot pink scarf for fall, there may be something?

It’s supposed to be Asian in the autumn, says Carin Wester, when she unveiled her ninth collection in order: “Youki – Le Neige Rose”. While the female models were typically French styled in makeup and hair (and showed off a magnificent women’s collection!) she let the male counterparts wear bright blue or white wigs, accompanied by rounded glasses, which in its entirety gave strong Japanese vibe to the Mr collection Wester.

The garments covered a broad spectrum. This was shown everything from black t-shirts with print and jeans in various styles to sophisticated knitwear and banal bringing Nice slacks. Among the outer layer were two stylish trench coats, one black and one gray, along with a gray coat with wide silhouette. The scarf was found in different colors and designs, in color choices often strongly contrasting, and with different links.Everything from an original bow to a Bohemian jumble. Arm warmers and leg warmers were also those essential accessories: all the “naked” body parts should obviously be protected from the winter cold in the six countries, except Sweden, where the brand is sold.
It was classy, of course when talking about Wa, strongly occurring with collarless, light blue and white shirts. Even a black rollneck sweater (polo shirt) be glimpsed. The knitted garments, one of the brand’s hallmark, was as expected, many in number. Single-coloured single-and double-breasted cardigans, many in Brown and gray, mixed with advanced knit, long cardigans. On the legs where the grey bringing Nice slacks. Not only with high waist, but it was hardly low either. In addition to full-length pants was shown also to trekvartvarianten and even shorts. In addition, the usual tight, dark blue jeans and a pair of clearly worn, white companies with very loose fit.

At his feet was the no frills. Black, low shoes, often in the paint, and a single boot of the same color. Carin Wester presented in this collection for the first time own shoes, but if it also includes shoes on the men’s side, we get to come back to.

Accessories stuck out. Not just scarves and arm and leg warmers in odd, apply colors but also a backpack in the paint as to be honest looked rather than good. But the gold star to anyone who dares to match it on the back with a pair of black patent leather shoes, but to make it look overdone!

In summary, the key garments were all garments whose function is to warm. Accessories should preferably protrude from the rest of the color map and worn together with a simple white, collarless shirt under a sweater or cardigan and a pair of dressy grey pants with medium waist.

After his nomination to the entertainment guide’s Modepris 2004, prize newcomer of the year by Elle magazine in the same year, and the nomination for this year’s Designer of the year after, it’s time for the next step for Carin Wester: international hard launch. After establishment in the United States, Japan and France should “Youki” follow up on the success. And in Japan and the rest of Asia teach it sell as a charm, given the geographical focus of the collection. Similarly, in the United States and New York where there is a market for svenskskapat fashion. For the rest of the fashion world is this however no given blockbusters. But an international design language is available in the form of the mixture between the French and Japanese and seasoned by the sparse, sober and classy Swedish during the tone, there are good prospects for this collection. Perhaps if it is arm warmers you’re after!