Shirts Jeans For Spring 2015: What To Choose?

The denim shirts again become the protagonists of summer but what are the must-models? Discover them by following our advice

The shirt in this hot spring back to be one of the protagonists of the must-have of the moment. In fact, we have already seen that the blue one is among the most interesting, simple and sophisticated which nestles among the new collections of the most popular brands and there is also saying that even the clothes trying to imitate this style. Not surprisingly, at the moment they are very popular the shirt-dress.

It should not emotion you too, then, to discover that even the denim shirt back to peep between the proposals of the boutique and our look daily. After all, it is certainly nothing new, so if you already have in your closet you begin to take it out!

The shirts of jeans of Spring 2015 are all pretty basic, in the sense that there are no major variations on the theme. The color is the classic blue denim, the shape is always the same and the length as well. The sleeves are long in the same way but you can shorten them rolling it yourself.

There are details that can they can be identified without, however, making them too extravagant. In fact, to this you can expect to directly to you by placing a nice jewel necklace or perhaps bringing them open with a top valuable or particularly below. But now let us see some present model in the current fashion collections.

The denim shirt Sisley perfectly reflects all that we have just revealed. Classic denim, simple but little detail form that makes it more valuable. Look at the collar: on the tips of the crystal there are elements that give light and sparkle to the wearer. This way you can wear both day and evening.

Much more simple and easy is the denim shirt Tezenis, which for this Spring / Summer 2015 collection has decided to play on the texture of the micro white dots placed on a blue denim fabric slightly faded on the shoulders and chest.

Finally, we can not offer something more unusual. The shirt you see the signing Asos and unlike the previous and many models present in the boutique, is very dark denim and is characterized by a knotted closure that makes it cropped. Ideal for the younger girls.