Shoes – Mirror Of Soul And Character

Character and shoes: Is that related? According to the motto “Show me your shoes and I’ll tell you who you are.” At least anAmerican study found this. Emotions, mood, political attitude, character and much more can Be Seen With A Glance At The Shoes.And What Type Are You?

Character And Shoes At A Glance

Practical shoes like ballerina: amiable and easy-going

Colorful shoes: Extrovert and open-minded

Slightly worn shoes: tolerant and unprejudiced

Plain shoes: inhibited, distant

New and well-groomed shoes: point to relationship problems. The external effect is important.

Old, neat shoes: conscientious, dutiful people

Expensive shoes: owners have money (hardly surprising)

Uncomfortable looking shoes: serene, prudent people

Ankle boots: wearers tend to be bitchy.

Of course, it is not possible to close 1: 1 of the shoes on the character. The scientists also found that some want to communicate with their shoes to express a particular image or mood.

About the study
For this study, 208 photographs were taken of people in different shoes. They have completed a questionnaire on their character. These 208 photos were shown in 63 subjects who should classify them. With a hit rate of up to 90%, the 63 subjects typed gender, social status and character characteristics correctly.

Basically, the result is that the shoes are the mirror of the soul. So just wear the shoes you like best. Then stay true to your character. Have fun browsing around your character shoe.