Shoes Tabitha

Just like most brands of footwear, Tabitha also just launched the your new collection for the spring and summer season of 2014/2015. Among the new features, many shoes based on the major trends of the moment, the real hits that will make success on the hottest season of the year.

We can start talking about the collection for a type of footwear that has been having success and charting in the collections of a few summer seasons, however, resurfaces even harder. We’re talking about the espadrilhes, anabela-soled shoe model lined by strings, closed leather usually made with canvas and closed heel with mooring ankle tape. The collection of Tabitha brings two models well fun, one in and one ounce stamp ethnic.

Another type of footwear that is being a very strong trend in most collections dropped for next season is the birken. For those who don’t know, this is a kind of creeping well-soled sandal wide and comfortable, including some brands it is anatomical. The leather can have two straps and buckles closure, but may also have cops as a sandals. The inspiration of this model is motorcycling.

The anabelas are also being used heavily in these latest collections, which is great for women who like to be tidy, but at the same time with your feet comfortable. In the collection of Tabitha the templates appear with the sole with graphic prints and ethnic too. The instep is worked with different types of strips, some wider, some thinner and in greater quantity and screwed.

Still ensuring comfort, one of the most striking is the betting platform sole. This trend has already done much success a few years ago and now returns with a vengeance for the summer 2015. Tabitha brings beautiful strings coated wedge of sisal, linen and even jeans, another big hit this season.

On top, the models range from round nozzle with closed heel and Shin lock, normal sandal with straps at the side of the heel, peep toes with back and, the novelty, the clogs with a unique take on the foot. These platform Sandals arise with cheerful colors, such as pink, blue and red, but also has pattern of Oz, cobra and the jeans.

In addition to these models, the collection of Tabitha still contains options in creeping sandals, slippers, pumps, peep toes, sandals with medium, high, thick, thin, among others.

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