Sneaker Dictionary: Puma Suede

Not included in the daily life of Puma is colorful – grey.

Sneaker Dictionary: Puma Suede

The Puma Suede was developed originally in 1968 as a basketball shoe. It quickly turns out: this sneaker is an immortal superstar. However, the real success story began with a world record.

As the Americans Tommie Smith 1968 broke the world record in the 200 meters at the Olympic Games in Mexico, the world held breath. Never before a man had succeeded measurably, to run the distance in under 20 seconds. He made it in 19.38 seconds – with the Puma Suede on the feet. Whether coincidence or fate, two legends were born at that moment.

Puma Suede – “Made for the Streets”

The claim “Made for the Streets” was of course much later that PUMA had no idea of it at the beginning which piece style history they would bring at the end of the 1960s on the market. But quickly became a Cult sneaker, the rapper from a sports shoe, Bmxers, skaters and break dancer alike discovered for themselves. Since decades Puma Suede wear the nice boy or the cute girl next door. For 46 years, an Everybodys Darling sneaker, with the simply everyone copes is the Suede, with a short break.

Longing for Suede – Why PUMA had to Copy Yourself

The design of the suede collection is timeless, elegant, sporty and stylish – the best recipe for a successful model. The name suede has neither with South or Sin to do, but is English for suede. It is, in fact until the upper material until today.

Despite the success of Puma, the suede mid-1980s from the program has taken finally then but to resume them. Real suede fans suspected, for example, in the Neuaflage of 2005, that something is wrong. Actually, it turned out that the Puma Suede himself was just a clone. The original templates and molds of 1968 were no longer available. PUMA had to copy catalogs and brochures itself and has failed. As far as the irony of history.

The Accident Brought Back the Original

That we wear today again the rights of 1968 on the feet, is just a coincidence. A resourceful PUMA employees took in 2009 at a plant in Asia intact stencils and shapes for the original suede. Therefore everything is real on the cult sneaker for 2010 again. PUMA proudly baptized the first model “true original” and has probably learned from history. The longing for Suede is again satisfied. Sometimes, even the coolest rappers are conservative and want back the things out of the good old days.

Colorful with Puma Suede

PUMA has so realize what she has on her suede family, which by the way, include the models “Glyde”, “State”, and “Basket”. Instead of messing around with the shape, brings out the sporting goods manufacturer his sneakers in almost all colors of the Rainbow. Suitable for season pastel, bright colors such as red and yellow, and of course classic in black and white. There are suede with a fluffy fur lining for the cooler days.

By the way, PUMA have been announced, there will be the suede and, probably in 10 years, and just as the designer of 1968 have thought it. The wisdom “Never kill a running system” could be not true for a running shoe with this story.