So You Are Perfectly Prepared For Your Beach Day!

Do you think if your best friend invites you to a day at the beach, immediately: Help, what should I wear? Here you will find helpful tips to prepare you well, so that you can walk and enjoy the beach. Take me to the beach, beach ..

Bikini crisis
Even if the summer (unfortunately) still something in wait, you can of course already times a bikini stock!You do not have time to choose a perfect bikini?We will help you!Our tip today is this must-have souvenir bikini .This bikini in pastel orange gives you a Bohemian “Feeling” and the straps are detachable.Due to the glamorous detail at the front, this bikini is a real sight.The top you can combine with a basic bikini top or for a more striking look with a butterfly breeches.Now the wonderful summer sun can come quiet!

Beach workout
Do you prefer a workout at the beach?Beach volleyball, anyone?Take a look at our brand new HKMX sports bikinis.Our HKMX bikinis include mesh details, strappy looks, black-and-white prints, bright colors and removable straps.These sporty bikinis are fashionable, beach-legal and sit through the wider ribbons pleasantly comfortable according to HOMEAGERLY.

Complete your outfit with this playful fringed tunic !Ideal for wearing over the bikini when you sit with a delicious cocktail on the terrace.The special thing about this summer must-have is the cut-outs and the fringe details at the hem.The tunic is wonderfully airy, can be combined with any bikini and you always look stylish and chic on the beach!

Do not forget the accessories!
What do you wear in this trendy flamingo bag ?Forget your old beach towel and take this round beach towel instead.And, above all, keep a spot free for this practical water bottle with patch details!And so that your beach list is complete, these terribly nice espadrilles can not be missing… These parts are really unique #Summergoals!