So You’ll Find The Perfect Headphones For Mobile Phones

The smartphone is more than a mere tool for conversations. Although a large part of our communications seem to be mobile, smartphones are particularly important in the field of entertainment. For example, for streaming. On the road, good headphones are therefore indispensable. That’s why we’ve been thinking about how to find the perfect headphones for mobile phones.

Buying Headphones For Mobile Phones, Is That Sensible?

Whether it is useful to buy headphones for mobile phones depends on how and in what intensity you use your smartphone. Your personal needs in terms of sound quality also play a role. Often, the headphones provided with the smartphones are very good and are suitable not only for phone calls.They also deliver great sound when listening to music, making the headphone purchase superfluous.

How Good Are The Included Headphones?

Whether Apple, Samsung or HTC, all manufacturers consider the factor entertainment in the development of their smartphones and tablets. The loudspeakers built into the devices sound better from year to year, and the included headphones are no exception. HTC BoomSound or the Apple EarPods are just two examples of how much music is in current smartphones.

When You Need Other Headphones

If you buy a new smartphone, are usually in-ear headphones included. They are equipped with a microphone and remote control and function as a headset for telephony and media playback.Even if you are satisfied with the sound, it may be that you need other headphones. For example:

Because the supplied headphones do not fit well and thus affect the sound negatively

And because they are not comfortable

Or because you prefer to use headphones that you put on (on-ear / over-ear) instead of plugging your ears into the ears.

Because you often use the mobile phone in sports

If one of these reasons is true, or if there are several, the search for an alternative begins. And how do you find the perfect headphone for mobile phones?

Headphones Buy: In-Ear, On-Ear, Over-Ear?

Before you buy, you should ask yourself which type of earphone you prefer.

In-Ears sit directly in the ear and close this partially or almost completely.

On-Ears and Over-Ears have a hanger and sit on or above the ear.

In-ear headphones are smaller and easy to carry while headphones are gentle on the inner ear and deliver better sound depending on the design. For fitness enthusiasts, there are also hybrid versions, which focus on a reliable seat for movement.

Buying Headphones: Try To Study Instead

Of course, it can be helpful if you study before the headphones, test reports, comparisons and top lists. With in-ear headphones, you will not have much more left than to rely on recommendations.

For this, you can often try on-ear headphones first, for example, in the electronics store or H-Fi store near you. This allows you to get an impression of sound quality and comfort and check whether the equipment is right-even on-/ over-ears can be equipped with microphone and remote control. And they should also, if you want to replace them with the supplied headset.

Not Always A Question Of Price

A high price does not make good headphones for a long time. A sufficient for your personal use sufficient. Whether for listening to music or as a telephone-capable headset, good headphones for mobile phones do not have to cost a fortune. If there are no high-class sennheiser or beats, you can buy from about 30 Euro good headphones on Sportsqna.

If you want wireless headphones, for example for the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, or because you do not feel like cable, you have to expect higher costs.