Social Network for Kids

Admittedly a social network normal may not be the right environment for a child. There are communities that evoke crime, trivialize alcohol consumption and so on. Thinking about it a startup American developed which, at least for now, is focused social network especially for children. This is the Togetherville.

The name does not say much and is even confusing, but the brand’s website says a lot about its purpose: Two young elephants being loaded by a larger elephant. Not that you’re an elephant … Oh, you got it. Everything on the site is based on family interaction, creating a very healthy environment.

For example, the father who add new friends. Do you know how? From their own on Facebook. It can log in to the most visited social networking site in the world and select friends who also have children. After sending the invitation to these people, the interaction between the children can get.

The site content is moderated before it is available. This means that a video to send a child to another has been checked by an adult before and approved. Thus, the site of the target audience (children aged 6 to 10 years) is free of that content that small should not see. Educational activities, such as games and applications for performing arts are available collaboratively.

Too bad it’s in English.