Solar Garden Lights: Solar Ball Lights Compared

Here, too, it’s time for an update after about 2 years. One of the models presented here has only a very bad rating on our site due to its poor durability. But a different solar ball is a bestseller.

I reported the days ever on solar fairy lights  , but now it specifically will go once to a very chic solar decorative element for the garden. Today, I would like to introduce you to three different solar lights for the garden and compare them with each other.

The advantages of solar garden lights are on hand. It’s a lamp where everything you need is included. A solar panel that generates electricity during the day and stores it in a contained battery, a light that glows in the evening automatically and the whole thing is then housed in a fancy case.

Like all lamps, lamps and lights, which will be presented on this blog, a LED works in the core of a solar-powered garden lamp on Beautyphoon. As a result the power consumption of such light is low and she can be operated independently from the electrical outlet. This is ideal for the garden. The garden lamp can be attached without any problems there, where she works at its best. It is only care should be taken that day enough sun on the lamp falls, so that the battery can charge the solar panel in the lamp.

But now to the comparison test of solar lamps. I chose three lamps in three different sizes. All three solar lights are flares where the solar cells in the flares are integrated. As a result, nothing is visible except a chic light ball. On all three models, all the technology is so each in the ball itself. Thus the solar lights are completely wireless. Here now to the three candidates:

Solar Flare Set of 4 Warm White

First, I want to introduce a set of 4 from solar flares. The balls are much smaller than the other two in the test, there are four. First the facts: (January 2014: I would recommend the set no longer really better alternatives are further below.)

  • Number of flares: 4
  • The flares diameter: 9 cm
  • Price range: 30-€40 (= 9-10€ per ball)
  • More product details…

Advantages and disadvantages of the 4 flare set:

  • Four balls instead of one despite similar price(+)
  • The light color is a pleasant warm white, not blue shimmer reminiscent of conventional light bulbs,(+)
  • The flares are very small with 9 cm(-)
  • The balls not particularly bright shine(-)

Conclusion to the 4-set of the solar flares: who needs a very bright light and for a small garden or balcony has dear 4 small balls as a large, should strike with this set of four. Who wants to impress but rather with something bigger and faster solar lights, should look at even the other two candidates.

January 2014: the set there to buy, there are probably much better alternatives, still here simply read on.

Stellar Solar Globe 25 Cm

The next solar light for garden in bullet form, which would like to introduce is the stellar solar globe. It is 25 cm in the middle of the three lights that I compare today. First again a few facts about the lamp itself:

  • Number of flares: 1
  • The flares diameter: 25 cm
  • Price class: € 20
  • More product details…

Advantages and disadvantages of stellar solar ball:

  • Convenient size and brightness(+)
  • Good workmanship(+)
  • Attractive price/performance ratio(+)
  • The mounting bars on the bottom of the ball, got slightly too short so that the flare storm not sure.(-)
  • The light color is quite cold, i.e. slightly bluish.Whether this is a disadvantage, is a matter of taste, you should definitely expect no warm white (-)

Conclusion to the stellar flare: this solar-powered garden lamp has an excellent price-performance ratio and a solid construction. Thus suitable for gardens of all sizes. Only, also the 25 cm-large ball is too small, should consider once more the third candidate in this comparison test.

This ball buy at Amazon can be for €20
, preferably several order so that the solar lights can really come into its own.

Big Lamp Globe Solar LED Large

The big globe solar LED is the largest solar light for garden in the test, but also the most expensive. Whether is worth the extra cost, you can find out here. First once again the facts:

  • Number of flares: 1 (3 LEDs in the ball)
  • The flares diameter: 30 cm
  • Price range: €40
  • More product details…

Advantages and disadvantages of the big globe solar light:

  • With three LEDs in the ball, which is very bright light.(+)
  • Biggest lamp in the test, very good workmanship(+)
  • The light color is also pretty bluish, very cold white(-)
  • The big globe ball lamp is very expensive in comparison(-)

Conclusion to the big globe solar lamp: The lamp is the largest in the test, but also the most expensive. Whether for 5cm extra of a wholly-owned extra cost compared to the stellar light worth, every man for himself must decide.

Also the big globe at Amazon there are solar.

My Personal Recommendation for the Round Solar Lights

For me, there is a very clear winner in this test. The Quad set is indeed tempting, for me is the small diameter of the flares decisively for it that the lamp can be not the winner of the test but in the end.
The big globe is very large and well-finished, but bearing in mind that stellar buy two 25 cm light for the same money, is for me the winner in the area clearly garden solar lights set.

2014 update: Fortunately, I can say I am also 2014 of still of the same opinion as 2012. The stellar solar globe still has the best price / performance ratio. Good products are just 2 years later still popular! There are now still a remote control model that is rated but not very well.