Start At Adventure – My Small Holiday Guide For the Bahamas

There is actually nothing more exciting in life than to fulfill a very big, long-felt wish. And with me, such a dream should come true this winter during my holidays in the Bahamas .. And also on Valentine’s Day …

It all starts with a bucketlist:
When I ask my girlfriends, it seems like every girl has one: the bucketlist. A list of wishes, which one would like to fulfill in life and which one either classically writes down on paper or – thus modern Cyber-Fashionista – perhaps also at Pinterest.

My personal wish list has always been high: swimming in the Bahamas with the pigs. In the past, I have often tried to plan a trip to the exotic plains, but it always seemed to fail at completely overpriced flights or sprawled hotels. Apparently, I was not the only one who wanted a trip to the swine paradise! I do not know if it was ultimately the fact that the most stupid farmers reap the thickest potatoes, or that I was so stubbornly obstinate when I checked my flights, but: This winter, I should finally seem to work.

The great highlights in the Bahamas:
When we had embarked on flights and lodging, it was clear: this trip must be very special.So we decided to marry Exumas, the big Island, next to the Pig Island.But in my next Blogposts more.

Another highlight should be the said visit to the Pig Island on Valentine’s Day, bikini going up and down into the water to the pigs.We booked with a local provider a trip to the island Iguana Bay, on the centuries giant giants have their home.And lastly we went on a boat excursion to a bay, where little baby sharks frolick.The purest animal adventures!Perfect for the trip and a great companion was this great beach bag.

Where to stay well, and where not:
The Bahamas are unfortunately quite expensive, as here many rich Americans fumble, which push the prices up. And the Exumas are hardly to be priced, because the two large hotels on the island pay their exclusivity.
I would recommend a trip there but still at any time, if the money bag should sit a bit loosely.
The crystal clear, turquoise water is unique even in the Caribbean and the excursions around the main island are absolute highlights!

In any case, it is also recommended – despite the tight prices – a hotel with food to book and not to travel the island on its own.We had previously considered whether we should rent a holiday apartment and were in hindsight very much relieved that we did not make it, since the island is not infrastructural almost not developed.There are hardly any supermarkets and the few that are there are hard to reach and not adequately equipped.In addition, the safety standards of the holiday bungalows are definitely not enough!But the slightly larger hotels offer everything their heart desires and do not in any way remind you of mass tourism, as you might know from the Dominican Republic.We chose the resort “Sandals”: from catamaran driving, paddle boarding to eight different gourmet restaurants, we quickly forgot the time.And who loves golf, definitely floats here on cloud seven!

Of course, the right swimwear must not be missed at such a great trip.On the pictures very you already some products from the current swimwear collection, like the bikini and the espadrilles .

And then … when the long-sighted hook is finally set:
All this, all the best feeling – with all these fantastic activities – I had, however, when I got home, pulled my bucket list out of the drawer and full blissfully put the long-awaited hook behind a great wish What is your absolute bucketlist destination?