Steam Cleaner, MOP And Round Brush Sets From Karcher

Now you can make a clean in your home-without the use of chemistry. This small, compact SC 1 Floor steam cleaner and steam MOP is ideal for thorough cleaning at home-without the use of detergents.

  • Kills 99.99% of household bacteria
  • The steam comes into all crevices and corners
  • Brush sets to cleaning the joints and fixtures

Steam Cleaner, MOP And Round Brush Sets From Karcher

Clean home-without chemistry
The supplied steam MOP set (Massive Ordnance Penetrator ) converts the handheld steam cleaner for a steam MOP.

Thanks to the compact design of the steam cleaner is easy to fit and thus becomes readily available to the spontaneous cleaning of e.g. stove or kitchen floor.

How does the steam?
The versatile accessories and the powerful steam removes dirt, lime and grease and leaves fixtures, tile, grout, cookers, hoods and floors spotlessly clean.

Brush sets from Karcher
That included a set with 4 round color coded brushes for Karcher steam cleaner. The kit is suitable for cleaning the fittings and joints in the kitchen and bath with difficult dirt as lime, grease and SOAP residue.

  • -Vapour pressure 3 bar
  • -Heating time 3 min
  • -Weight 1.5 kg without accessories


  • -Parental controls and safety valve
  • -Point nozzle and power nozzle
  • -Hand nozzle and floor nozzle
  • -Extension tube, 2 x 0.5 m
  • -Round brush
  • -Terry cloth coverings to hand nozzle
  • -Terry floor cloth

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