Striped Short Sleeve Blouse for Pregnancy

Fine stripes in lip Diocesan-red on a wonderful short sleeve blouse from Pomkins basic series Milkizzy. This means that you can use the blouse both as wait blouse and nursing blouse!

For the most part there will be colorful, print or, as here, when the vehicle is by Pomkin stripes. The two female designers is to party and colors even if it ‘ just ‘ is on an everyday blouse like this. A nice soft one can be wear at which you both can be pregnant and breastfeed discreetly in and use much longer, for who can see that the blouse has these additional features?

As you can see, the blouse has short sleeves and so is the design with a double layer of chest that makes it possible to breastfeed. It is soft and cute and cuddly and can easily be put together with jeans, shorts and skirt. So you need to pull the lipstick forward or lubricating the nails and take a blouse on that match, then this might matter?

Maternity Clothes & Nursing:

As mentioned above, you can use the blouse to both. It is soft and stretchable and when you need to breastfeed, you just pull down in the extreme carving and up in the layer before under.

All tops and blouses in Milkizzy-series are designed in Paris and produced in Portugal. They are also all Oeko-tex certified and comes in a small box.

Striped Short Sleeve Blouse for Pregnancy