Styling Challenge: How Do I Wear DENIM With Denim?

I do not know what’s going on… but at the moment Denim has a hard time… While it was unthinkable to wear two jeans together, I am constantly looking for new combinations with the robust cotton fabric.

 As with all things in life, it ‘s probably also the right time for denim and denim… and that’ s probably more than ripe for jeans.

Styling Challenge: How To Wear Denim With Denim?

I do not know what’s happening here… but at the moment, denim has me totally under its control… WHEREAS in the past it what unthinkable to wear two denim items together, today I am Constantly looking for various combination possibilities for this sturdy cotton material , Like all in life, it’s a good time for me.

Denim: Shirt And Trousers

How wild I search my wardrobe for perfect twins… because somehow not fit all the jewels to each other. The blue plays a role, the fabric and the wash are also not secondary. But if it fits, then a perfect match can be combined in the most diverse ways and no styling wish open. And because that is so, today I would like to introduce the “basic framework” for my styling challenge. All Saints jeans pants and H & M’s jeans shirt will always remain the same for the next posts and simply be complemented by other parts that make the outfit look different from the rest… I find this at best and you can hopefully convince yourself of it in the next week… I am very happy if you will accompany me in my styling challenge and share your opinion with me-on Tuesday comes part 1. I wish you a nice Sunday, dear greeting-Conny

Denim: Shirt And Trousers

Frenziedly I search through my wardrobe for the perfect pair… because somehow not all the denim items go together. The blue color plays a role as the material and the wash. But when they go together, this perfect match can be styled in different ways and leave nothing to be desired. And because this is the case, I want to lay the “framework” today for my styling challenge. I like to have a lot of fun with you, but I can do it with you I’ll be very happy if you want me to be in the mood. Have a lovely Sunday. Best wishes-Conny.