Styling Rules For Women with Curves

Black, …keine patterns and large parts are the traditional tips for round women. I think that is absolutely obsolete.

1. start with the right underwear.
Seamless underwear in nude is not sexy though, but so that you can use the silhouette of your clothes in scene.

Of course, lace lingerie is perfect to seduce, but one can see always see the T-Shirt or a blouse.

Shapewear, like E.g. the very successful ‘tank Bodysuit”of Spanx cheat really gone a half size and flatten the tummy and smooth out the rolls.

In addition, men are not as unsexy as we women always think such shaping underwear. Modern shapewear has nothing to do with Grandma’s corsets of yesteryear.

2. emphasize the right places.
The key is to put the accent on the strength of your body. Have a figure like a PEAR = narrower above than below, are all tops suitable, that look upwards and make the shoulders look wider.

Wide cut-outs, jewelry, pattern and decoration or embroidery on the collar or waterfall snippets.
When a figure with hourglass silhouette, however, it is very important to emphasize the waist. Characters with much abdominal as the so-called Apple type, draw attention to the neckline and or on the often narrower hips.
A simple, classic pumps makes your legs look longer and longer. In flat shoes, pointier shapes are good because they make the leg slimmer and visually also extend.

All with a strap around the ankle is less good, this interrupts the natural line of the leg, especially when you wear clothes.

3. place on new proportions and perfect cuts.
Not everything must contain Lycra so that it sits well. My recommendation is a perfectly tailored Blazer, which holds everything together. Even small changes can be a look of become misshapen in coaxing turn – for example, if you just shorten your skirt or pants length.

Also the correct sleeve length gives the outfit a wertigere statement as rolled hems.
4. patterns and colors are a must.
Many say that curvy women are wearing the best dark and muted tones. Great pattern or a bright color can be quite flattering.

We only need to choose the perfect silhouette. You perish in voluminous, patterned Muumuus. So fingers away from. Better access to patterns that are not quite so wild and emphasize your strengths.
Graphical patterns are also very often a good break to curves. And a sky-blue suit can look good also in Gr. 44.

5. never stick to rules:)
Many customers have of them close up, curvy women should wear and what not. In particular sellers recommendations often wrong, because round women consulting-intensive and more difficult to dress.

Be not guided by the rules and do not be afraid before, to try new things.

Because I myself am not elfin and advise the different figure types, I share like my science whether a complete style advice or even a personal shopping. You are very welcome!