Submarino Sells Notebook and Delivery Brick; in Turn, Sends Another Brick

When you buy something over the internet, is that huge expectation that the deadline is met – if not anticipated, which is even better. And of course, that the product arrives in conformity. It was what happened to the student Bruna Xavier, 23. She bought a notebook and received a brick in place.

So far, nothing new, as these remittances are increasingly common in companies e-commerce in Brazil. The university contacted the store to hit the return of brick and receive the long awaited notebook. It seemed that this time everything would go as planned, but the submarine screwed up again.

Instead of receiving a notebook, was delivered to the house of the girl one second brick. Yes, the shop managed to miss the same request twice. To make matters worse, the delivery was made in the house of a neighbor – something that had not been agreed with the carrier.

This story without rhyme or happened in the center of Niterói. The student, who is studying law in college, filed a complaint with the city police station. It also decided to send a complaint to the Submarino website of Procon / RJ, to see if this time the company hit on a simple order.

When not delay deliveries, Submarino send bricks to customers. In the case of the winning girl, two stones. And no free until now.

Wanted by the wording of TB, Submarino has not yet manifested on the subject.

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