Summer Hairstyles

Summer in full swing and one of the biggest dilemmas of us women is:enjoy the season or to preserve the hair?

Of course, because we all know how mistreated the wires after a few days on the beach, with Sun, sea, pool and even that wind delicious for collaborate on matted hair.

With that in mind, we decided to list here some good ideas to level in the hair and protect the hair. Not that I don’t love the bagunçadinho effect of seawater (sprays are not lacking in the House!) and it is exactly to make the style “effortless” you save and share these ideas.

Rule number 1 is that scarves are our best friends. Be as track, bandana or even making hair elastic times – they are much more gentle and less break wires while holding – the tissues help to tame the strands and still give that tchãn in the beach look, bringing color and style according to THEMAKEUPEXPLORER.COM.

Another good option-and that can also involve tissues, as you can see in our gallery above – are the braids. Keeping the hair braided can you control the frizz and prevents the nodes by the wind. In addition, the braids help circumvent the heat-I love tiara type version. Linda!

The unpretentious cokes and half bun also work. Are great to get the hair off your face and still bring that stripped super combines with the climate relax .

But, if you want to play on the beach hair enjoy sea water and reach the visual mess in the blink of an eye. You know those famous salt sprays we bought to try to reproduce the texture of sea water in the city? Well, since you have to reach your litres if play and take over once the waves look wrinkled. Shake it off, enjoy the summer, and on the way back from vacation take a larger attention to the wires, otherwise they will face a grim winter and dry. UI!