Summer Shoe Sale 2013

The summer sales: last-minute purchase for those leaving or consoler gadget for those who have already returned. As the mini-collection “Jungle Fever” by Castañer…

The summer brings not only sea, sun and beach. But brings with it a dowry also the sales period that, as time every year, lead us sixty days time to seize opportunities and take advantage of opportunities in search of the must-have for our upcoming vacation or gadgets to console the fact these are already past. In fact even throughout August, and almost everywhere even for the first week of September, are in full swing the summer sales of which benefits now you can not only enjoy in shops or department stores, but also online, as evidenced by the Mini -campagna commissioned for the occasion by Castañer, the Iberian-known company that for over one hundred years dedicated to footwear and conceived for the occasion a brand new mini-collection with the jungle theme. On sale, of course.

Summer Sale 2013: opportunity for buyers and sellers

A season, that of balances in 2013, more than ever expected by all. Both, of course, from consumers, and especially consumers quivering interesting to see how the “downward fair” offers, both from retailers and manufacturers who hope thus to reignite a sales performance that, thanks to the well-notorious general crisis, has so far recorded performance well below expectations. We also remember some of the rules, for the whole month of August, must be respected by all dealers who will offer on sale the goods: to separate the objects in promotion from those sold to “normal price” and the one that ensures the indication , next to the discounted price,  the original one and also the extent of the practiced discount.

In order to protect as widely as possible who jumps in the purchase. In short, an opportunity not only to buy at men, but also to give breath to a sector in difficulty, as witnessed, for example, if we limit ourselves to only the clothing industry, a decline of 9% compared to last year in the field of ‘clothing in March 2013.

Jungle Fever: con Castañer la jungla è in saldo

With balances under way, it is still not easy to say whether this objective has been achieved or not, although the general perception and the first surveys results seem to confirm a “gray” trends, without major peaks. It is certain that more extensive evaluations can make between fifty days, closed period. But back to the subject of balances, or the opportunities that they offer. And especially to the curious reserved Castañer initiative, in particular, the e-commerce channel. I t’s called ” Jungle Fever” and is one of espadrilles mini-collection inspired by the typical colors and taste of the Amazon rainforest: the green of the lush vegetation, the blue of clear skies and intense. And then the yellow and the brown of tree trunks and the fur of wild animals. An unmissable mix to show off on vacation or in town, as well as an opportunity to be seized for a last-minute shopping before you fly towards the holiday.Or to console themselves after returning home…

The balance of “big brands” Zalando and Sarenza

But those of Castaner are just one of the opportunities that we can grasp in this favorable time. If you are looking for a pair of shoes you have not spoiled for choice: Sarenza, Zalando and all e-commerce sites of major brands abound of tempting possibilities. On the e-shop of shoe-wiki there is a special “promo” section available with numerous proposals for men, women, children and accessories. The discounts range from 10 to 60% and involve various brands including large diffusion.Same thing can be said for the “balances” section that stands in the homepage. Opportunities not to be missed for wallets and… self-esteem.