Summer Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags for the summer are essential outdoor pieces within the team for practice trekking, mountaineering and camping on the beach, these sleeping bags should be practical to facilitate its transport and storage and at the same time comfortable, warm and lightweight to carry it wherever you go.

Summer Sleeping Bags

The differentiation of the sleeping bags at low temperatures or summer it becomes necessary because of the warmth provided by each and the needs of freshness and comfort we have in summer season camping on the beach and similar activities.

Sleeping bags are made up of an outer layer of synthetic and cold to the touch and a filling that serves not only to provide support and comfort, but also to insulate us from those cold areas to contact.

Unlike the sacks sleep to low temperatures or humid areas, elaborated in synthetic materials, with fast drying, summer sleeping bags are mainly made of down for being comfortable, fresh and light.

Some important options are:

Ferrino lightec 750 duvet

Ferrino lightec 750 duvet is sleeping bag of feathers, ideal for comfort and shelter in different seasons of the year to those camping outdoors. It has an interior without seams, wrap between 8 and 20 degrees Celsius, is light to be transported more easily and a bag of compression to make it more compact.

The north face superlight – left

The north face superlight – left: this made sleeping bag in feathers has constant volume Chambers to provide greater comfort and prevent the feathers move, covers a wide range of temperatures, making it perfect for use in summer and the feet area has vaulted to allow freedom of movement.

Millet 1000 base camp – left

Millet 1000 base camp-left is a sleeping bag ideal made of goose feathers to take with you to your practice of mountaineering in summer, trekking and hiking thanks to its versatility and to its lightweight and compact design, additionally has an adjustable hood, lapel anti-wind, storage bag and carry bag.