Sunglasses Choosing Questions and Answers

The Choice Of Glasses Depends Very Much On The Style And Personality Of The Person, But Regardless Of The Appearance Of The Product, It Is Essential To Make Sure About The Quality Of It

Sunglasses initially had the sole purpose of protecting the eyes from the brightness and the rays of the sun. Nowadays they come to follow the look and to be important part in the composition of the look and the style of a person, after all each model of sunglasses passes an “image” of the person.

Whether it’s just for protection or for a look up, it’s always worth investing in good quality products, after all the lens is key in blocking UV rays.

And in design, what counts is opting for models that match your style. For example, if you like sports and your style is more fun, bet on mirrored spectacles and mask style models.

Following are a number of important tips from an ophthalmologist and a visionist to choose well your sunglasses and also some options of glasses models at different prices, as well as inspirations to make your choice.

The specialist in ophthalmology Kátia Mello explains the main points that should be taken into account when choosing the right sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays and excessive light.

How Important Is It To Wear Sunglasses?

Frequent and prolonged sun exposure may allow the progression of cataracts, pterygium (common in tropical countries), senile macular degeneration and corneal and conjunctival tumors.Therefore, the use of sunglasses with ultraviolet sun protection A and B, even by children, is very important to prevent diseases like these.

Is There Any Kind Of Lens That Is Right For You?

The lenses need to offer protection against ultraviolet rays from the sun (UVA and UVB). In addition, the colors of the lenses provide different forms of protection, which must be taken into account when choosing the sunglasses:

Amber and brown, for example, are best suited for myopes and hyperopia, as they protect against the blue light from the sun, which may favor the appearance of cataracts.

Chestnuts, ashes and greens are ideal for people over 60, because at that age there is a loss, to a greater or lesser degree, of the ability to contrast vision.

Gray lenses are also indicated for those who have astigmatism and farsightedness. They reduce glare without changing the natural colors and can be used in bright sunlight.

The blues provide greater comfort in using the computer because they eliminate the red and yellow tones. It is important that before purchasing your sunglasses, the person should consult an ophthalmologist to know which lenses are best for you.

Is It Dangerous To Wear Unsorted Glasses?

Using counterfeit or low-quality lenses may have the opposite effect, increasing the sun’s aggression. Therefore, it is always important to make sure that you are purchasing a recognized branded product with manufacturing warranties.

Choose Your Glasses According To Your Personality

When choosing the right eyeglasses for you, think first about your need, your lifestyle and preferences, and then follow the tips of the visagist Audrey Slomp to hit the spot:

Rectangular glasses reveal a strong, focused, determined personality. Your look will become more serious. Is this your intention?

Rounded glasses express delicacy, softness, calm. Anyone who is already too calm and needs more attitude should avoid this format.

Triangular glasses are composed of inclined lines that convey sensations of dynamism, joy and relaxation. It reveals lightness and joviality in expression and enhances creativity.

Square glasses pass the message of stability, security and power.

Thick frames express a striking personality, while thin hoops reveal more intellectuality.

Is There A Model That Looks Good For All Women?

According to the expert, building a personalized personal image, or Visagism, part of a comprehensive and very individual study on the temperament balanced to the needs of the individual. In this way, there are no glasses, no clothes, no makeup that can be indicated for all women, because first we must think about the function of the glasses, and then on their aesthetics. We can say that the best model is one that complements and harmonizes the individual who carries it.

What Is The Best Frame Color For: Blonde, Brunette And Redhead?

It depends on the skin temperature and the person’s intention, says Audrey. According to the visionist, the skin can be cold or warm, which will determine which shades will most harmonize with the tone of the skin. The intent will determine the shape, color and material of the glasses.The contrast between the color of the glasses, eyes, hair, skin, eyebrows will also influence the choice.

“Colors also have emotional effects. For example red strengthens, blue reassures, orange stimulates, yellow energizes, gold values, silver lightens. Whether blonde, brunette or redhead, any color may be good for you, as long as you value and strengthen yourself. “Concludes Audrey Slomp.

Where To Buy Sunglasses?

Check out a few glasses options on the major existing models and on different brands to get inspired before you buy yours:

If you want to shop online, some stores offer options such as a “virtual mirror” to try on the glasses, others give you the option to try it out at home and return what you did not use at no cost, among other benefits and tips to help you choose. Here are some Brazilian online stores:

In cases of free shipping, the benefit depends on the value of the purchase or quantity of glasses purchased.

The Favorite Sunglasses Of Bloggers

Bloggers are a style reference for many women and girls. Below you can see a selection with the glasses worn by some Brazilians and gringas: