Sunglasses Guide: Styleguide For The Summerest Accessory Of The Man

Eyeglasses on Maenner-Style. de are no longer seen as mere visual aids for a long time but also work wonderfully as an accessory in everyday life. Due to the summer time, I have dared to go with thissunglass guide, my personal Styleguide for the most summerly accessory of the man and would like to give you helpful tips and tricks, with the selection of your sunglasses with the on the way.

After I took the glasses Trends 2017 already in the past and with myglasses guide, published a Styleguide for the modern man, it was now for me simply at the time also the sunglasses and especially the choice of the right sunglasses for the Man in the center.

Just as with the glasses, which acts as a mere visual aid, the sunglasses for the man are looking for details. This should always be chosen according to the face shape. A good sunglass equates facial proportions and at the same time emphasizes the advantages of one’s own face. It is not for nothing that sunglasses are a welcome accessory which is an absolute must this summer.

These Sunglasses Fit Your Face Shape

Just as every human being is unique, each facial shape is unique in a certain way. A rough division into five face forms is nevertheless possible and is used in the selection of the right sunglasses. In detail, I’ve looked at the five facial shapes already in this post, so I would like to go into the male face shape and the matching sunglasses.

Oval Face Shape

As a holy grail the oval facial shape applies when it comes to the selection of sunglasses. This form is present when the face is longer than wide and has a rounded jaw. There are two points that should be taken into consideration when choosing his sunglasses. Too small forms make the face look lost. Circular glasses alter the natural definition of the face too much.

Otherwise everything is permitted, because it is in fact possible to wear almost any sunglasses: angular, minimalistic or eccentric frames work wonderfully.

Rectangular Face Shape

In general, it can be said that the shape of the sunglasses should be the opposite of their own face shape. Do you still notice the following recommendations for the different facial forms. This creates a natural balance. Is your face rather long and narrow. At the same time, however, it is also contoured and angular, so it is recommended to use rounded shapes, such as round frames, aviators, clubmasters.

Just look better than angular sunglasses with angled design.Wearing sunglasses with an angular design would make the face look even more flat. Likewise, an edgy face form thick frames, as these help give the face a shape.

Round Face Shape

If we stick to the previously mentioned rule, when choosing the sunglasses on a shape which is contrary to the face shape, then you have to put on the round face shape to a strongly defining shape. In this way, one’s own face is defined and optically stretched. So you can recommend: Wayfarers, angular forms, clubmasters

In short the explanation, of a round face form is the speech, if the proportions of the face are relatively evenly. The forehead and chin part are the same size. If you want the cheeks to look a bit slimmer, it is recommended to wear sunglasses with a wide basic shape which is slightly wider than the head itself. Avoid wearing sunglasses with round glasses, which make the face look bigger and more undefined.

Long/Trapezoidal Face Shape

A long, trapezoidal form of the face is said when the face has an angular basic shape, but the eye part is narrower in relation to the chin. Therefore, when choosing the right sunglasses, it is important to make sure that it gives the face a little more width. Round or square shapes are the right choice.

However, one should pay particular attention to larger ones, if one would even prefer over-dimensional sunglasses. Wayfarers are a good choice. Alternatively also D-Frames or Clubmasters. If you put on such glasses, the forehead and eye part gets more weight and the trapezoid shape does not seem so present. It is better to look at smaller, discreet frames, since these make the upper half of the face even narrower.

Heart Shaped Face Shape

The heart of the heart is the most difficult facial shape for choosing a pair of sunglasses. The upper part of the face is wider than the lower part. Because the narrow chin counteracts a wider forehead, it is important not to add an extra weight to the upper half of the face. Not exactly easy when you wear the glasses.

The sunglasses should therefore be chosen so that the jaw line as well as the cheekbones are defined. For this reason, you should choose clubmasters that are half-edged, or other rounded styles that bring a certain curvy shape as a counterpart to the pointed chin. Good for a heart-shaped face shape are also sunglasses with thin frames or rimless glasses with rather discreet temples.

Basic Tips On Buying/Style Of Sunglasses

After the previous paragraphs, you’ll know which sunglasses fit into your face shape and what you need to look out for. However, you should not just let yourself go to a decision. Many other factors play an important role in buying a pair of sunglasses. So you should test this example necessarily-with a reason for me, why I prefer opticians to online shops. You can see directly whether the glasses are standing or not.

When wearing a sample, it is also quite fast that it is not just the right model for your facial shape. It is also important how the colors of the glasses harmonize with your hair color or skin tone. Because certain colors simply do not harmonize with each other. Here, too, apply a test and form a judgment.

Even the hairstyle and its cut as well as length plays an important role in the selection of sunglasses. If you’re not wearing your hair in an extremely short buzz cut, your hairstyle may conceal part of your sunglasses. This naturally affects their style in your face.Furthermore, long hair, at least optically, change your facial shape – you should also consider this.

As for the different sunglasses models, nothing is wrong with classics. After all, there are flying goggles, clubmasters or wayfarers not only since yesterday. For decades, this has been seen again and again. Why should they not work for themselves?

Whether you want to buy a pair of glasses or sunglasses: Do not spare at the wrong end. The bargains on the weekly market quickly reveal the spirit, color flakes off or the promised sun protection is more lug than deception. Good glass, good quality and a great workmanship has its price. And just timeless models are bought for eternity. So I would rather spend a little more personally and have a lot of fun for it.

Conclusion: Sunglasses Guide For Men

This sunglasses guide for the modern man on SunglassesTracker will hopefully provide you with a good base for choosing your sunglasses. The basis for this is at least laid. Current sunglasses trends I will soon take up in another post. So be quiet again. If you have further, helpful information, I am glad about an email from you, in order to access these in the sunglasses guide.