Support Belts for Pregnancy

The months go by and on the date in which you’ll finally see the face of your beloved baby. The expectation grows without pause as well as your belly, what can bring about discomfort and pain in the waist, pelvis and back.

Support Belts for Pregnancy

Maternity support systems are designed to provide the necessary support to the belly and relieve the weight of the waist, back and up to the bladder pressure. This results in a greater ease of movement and a little less stress. Today they are a basic in the lingerie for pregnant women.

Types of maternity shapewear

Touring the lingerie and maternity stores you will see that there are basically three types of maternal sashes. The model you choose will depend on what you’re looking for (support for exercise, back and waist pain relief, etc.) and how you feel each model.

Maternity belt . It’s a piece that gives an average support level. Of course it is elastic and is placed around the lower back and below the stomach.

It adjusted by velcro snaps, which makes it easier for you to find the most comfortable point of support. This also allows you go setting it as your belly grows.

The Strip. The Strip is designed to provide low to medium bracket and can be found in two design options. On the one hand we have the Strip – panty, whose design resembles a panty’s control, which covers all the belly and holds it by means of dissimulated in the genus elasticated straps. You can also find the version with pantyhose included which is a great success. On the other hand it is the faja-slip and corresponds to a one-piece part which meets mid-thigh shorts with a t-shirt, leaving free the breasts for free placement of the type of support required. Very similar to where they can find in the lingerie styling.

The prenatal cradle. The name originates since this type of maternal support, the belly is sustained by a sort of wedge formed by elastic straps that fit around the body. The sides elastizados wrap the hips and the lower part of the belly, then cross between breasts and fit in the shoulders. You can compare it, if you want, to something akin to the harness of a parachutist. Although it does not seem to be the most convenient option, it’s definitely that provides greater support.

Looking for the correct size

Speaking of find to carve right of strips of maternal support (any of them), must not remove our head the golden rule of underwear: try before you buy. Even if you prefer to make your purchase online always it is recommended that you go to a store and try the models and sizes available to make sure that you will feel comfortable and not throwing your money away. Keep in mind, the first months nearly of insurance will not be necessary use, by what does not hurry to buy something that you don’t know whether you need or need it, will meet with your expectations.

The majority of the support products are governed by classical sizes ranging from XS to 3 X. Please note the size you have at the time of purchase the garment, but if these in the limit sizes, always you will want to go for the next size to prevent it being very fair. Other manufacturers prefer to be guided by numbers of dress. In these cases, they usually seek that you consider the size of dress that you used before the pregnancy to start search which looks good on you. If you’re not sure what your size, measured in the largest part of your belly and vendors can help you find it easily.

Remember that in some cases, supports for pregnant women can be adjusted as your belly grows (check here for more).  These are ideal models as it will prevent that you have to spend money if your belly grows too.

Because you should just use it, it can be said that written rules there are no, but it should be remembered that it is a piece to hold and not hide. Do not cut your circulation. Adjust as much as you feel comfortable without sacrificing your freedom of movement.

Some tips

  • Always look for maternal support pieces made with soft elastic and pure cotton to allow the skin to breathe, avoid allergic reactions and to give you the greatest possible comfort. Most is made in this way, so you will not be difficult to find them.
  • Even if you feel very comfortable, avoid using the support day and night. You should give a rest to the body to resume its stance natural and skin to make it breathe freely.
  • Due to its characteristics, the majority of systems of support for pregnant women reveal their lines under clothes. It is not a time to worry about this. No one will do it you notice.
  • In some cases, as it is that of the maternity belt, you can continue to use them after the baby is born. This will help you give support to the abdominal muscles while they slowly return to its normal position, as that will help you develop physical activities with more comfort. Anyway, before you do anything, you should consult your doctor.
  • Check with your levitra health care team about the best options of support for your case in particular.