Suspensory Man

Also known as hanger or jockstrap Jockstrap has come a long way since its establishment in 1874. Originally designed for cyclists and mainly used for athletic purposes and protection.

Almost all underwear renowned designers today has a collection of suspensory man to choose that it has been emerging in recent years, becoming hollow especially among athletes, but accepted by a diverse public. We have already seen the benefits of this garment and because of its increasing popularity and the choice of the jockstrap fashion, or fashion jock strap.

I encourage all men, gay or heterosexual, to owning at least one Jockstrap. Heterosexual men should be aware that there are a lot of women in the world who love to see the ass of a man in athletic or male thongs. Not only they look beautiful, they can also provide a lot of support. They argue the package which is, without a doubt very well placed front and Center. The athletic can also provide a little lift to the ass.

The jockstraps or suspensory man are also a wonderful option during the hottest days of the year. Obviously allows much more perspiration, especially those that are made of mesh.

Now, among the gay community, the sex appeal of the Jockstrap is a little more obvious. It’s like putting a focus on the goal. Now, having said that, I found a number of people associated with “background” “jockstrap”. It’s not true.The athletic man are sexy no matter what are your preferences.

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