Swimsuit: Centennial and Full of History

The swimsuit is a practical and comfortable bath. It allows you to swim in the club’s pools or enjoy the beach and sea without having to worry about tying your bikini. Democratic, it has several different models and prints, for all tastes. And if you’ve been to the beaches a few decades ago, you know full well that it was not always the way it is now. Like everything in history, he followed the culture of humanity, following the customs and morals of each era.

Do you know the story of this play? Come with us, let’s count! The first swimsuits first appeared in Europe in the seventeenth century, when people began to frequent rivers and beaches, making bathing a social activity. However, it was only later, in 1820, that women had access to this activity according to Writingles.

But considering the modesty demanded of female behavior, a suitable piece of clothing was needed – a more comfortable clothing than usual, but still covering the body a lot.

What he wore at first was an ancestor far removed from the bathing suit, which did not carry his present features – a clothing that covered the body almost completely, down to his arms and legs. It was as big as the day-to-day clothing of the period.

Since then, the piece has been shortened, each year a little more. It was in the 1920s that it came to a format similar to what we have today – but still covering the thighs. In the 1930s, the legs were more displayed, especially by the younger girls, whose generation changed the culture.

The next decade was a milestone in the fashion of swimwear, since in 1946 the bikini was created by two French designers (Jacques Heim and Louis Réard). The use of the bikini was shy until the decade of 1960, whereas the swimsuits had marked presence in the beaches. Even when the bikini became the favorite bathing suit, the swimsuit was not extinguished. It was also in the 1960s that nylon and lycra came to be used in the manufacture of parts, rather than cotton.

The end of the twentieth century was the setting for the growth of the fashion industry, which used the accessories to accompany the beachwear, such as kangaroos, beach outlets, hats and bags. The development of technology has improved the quality of prints and fabrics (which have dried out faster). So, the swimsuits now have a higher quality and a greater variety of prints, making them versatile, chic and stylish pieces that we know today!