Tablets, and Smartphones Must Save Electronic Market

Equipment must represent 43% of manufacturers of electronic products. Market will have slight drop this year, according to the CEA

Presentation held two days before CES 2014 , the world’s biggest electronics fair, Steve Koenig, Director of market analysis area of the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association), showed technology market trends for this year.

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The highlight, as has been happening in recent years, go to the categories of smartphones and tablets. Together, these two products should account for 43% of the revenue of the electronics manufacturers this year. The total amount spent by consumers in technology products should be $ $1.055 trillion in 2014, an indentation of 1% from 2013.

According to the CEA, Tablet sales should rise to 242 million units in 2013 to 340 million in 2014. In the case of smartphones, the increase should be of 1 billion to 1.2 billion units this year.

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“Smartphones and tablets should continue selling well, with an increase in the number of units produced. But the price of equipment should continue to fall. This will reduce the revenue of the electronics manufacturers, “said Koenig. The global average price of a smartphone in 2013 was $ $345. In 2014, this value should fall to $ $297.

Emerging in high

Falling prices on tablets and smartphones is seen by the CEA as a necessity for these devices become more popular in emerging markets. It is in these countries that are the biggest sales growth opportunities for manufacturers of electronics, according to the Association. In 2011, the participation of emerging countries in the Smartphone market was 48%. In 2014, those countries must account for 70% of the total revenue from the sales of smartphones.

Other data that shows the strength of the emerging is that, this year, for the first time the amount spent by consumers of these markets should stall with the amount spent in the developed markets. The study presented by the CEA considers as emerging markets to Latin America, countries of Eastern Europe, Asia (excluding Japan), Africa and the Middle East.


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* The journalist traveled at the invitation of Lenovo

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