Meet the Electronic Massager for Discreet Backpacks and Cheap

High school students at the Uirapuru School in São Paulo developed an electronic massager for backpacks. Called Joy, the device is about two small cushions with a vibration system inside, which attach to the top of the handle, providing relaxation to the musculature. The idea of ​​the product is to end the back pain caused by the excess weight in the luggage. Continue reading →

Back to School: Briefcase Or Backpack?

Every year, at the same time, a discussion comes up: which bag to buy for back to school? From elementary school to higher, no one escapes this! Even students of pre-entry examination and technical courses must make this decision every year.

Many doubts occur in time of choice: Which style is ideal for storing my books and notebooks? Which model is most recommended to avoid damaging the spine? Should I choose folders or backpacks? Is there any scholarship that fall well with various styles of clothing? See the answers to these and other questions now! Continue reading →

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Backpack

The backpack is a very democratic accessory, used by the most different types of people. From professionals to students, from adventurers to sportsmen, having at least one backpack at home is essential for when you need to, not having to rush out to buy one or improvise carrying your things in an improper bag or suitcase. Continue reading →

My Backpack: Which One Do I Choose?

Often little choice is given to choosing the backpack, or simply choosing one by “design”, “color” or “brand” and this can be translated into “many problems” later.Choosing the backpack that fits your height, weight and physical shape will prevent you from damaging your spine and shoulders, and it will be easier and more comfortable to carry it throughout your trip. Continue reading →

Practical Guide For Future Backpackers

“Traveling is brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and lose sight of everything familiar and comfortable of your friends and your home. You are all the time in imbalance. Nothing is yours except the most essential: the air, the hours of rest, the dreams, the sea, the sky; All those things that tend toward the eternal or towards what we imagine as such.” Continue reading →

Mountain Hardwear Summitrocket 40 – Lightweight Alpine Rucksack

The lightweight SummitRocket 40 from Mountain Hardwear is a more efficient mountaineering and expedition backpack that adapts to the needs of every climber with a few simple steps. In collaboration with top Mountaineer Ueli Steck, developed, is he with 750 grams weight of one of the lightest in its class. Continue reading →

Kipling City Pack B Backpack

pWhat background take for a weekend: suitcase cabin at roulette or backpack? Remember, nothing beats a bag easily transportable to stroll and practice activities in complete freedom!

If you plan soon to go on a weekend without baggage in the hold, the Kipling City backpack is a better option that you can carry with you everywhere you go. As always, the great brand is famous for its quality luggage and their modern design. Stylish and practical, the City B is also to the sportsmen and students. With its many colours and elegant patterns, you will surely find the style that suits you. The details!

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Jansport Backpacks 2017

When we think of a backpack which is synonymous with comfort and durability, the brand that comes to mind is Jansport! The company offers multiple utilities bags and who have style.

During all my college and university studies, I used two Jansport bags and let me tell you that they have lived in about 12 years things! However, I rarely had as solid, comfortable bags… and virtually indestructible!

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Travel the World with Luggage By Tumi

Experience the Tumi difference: with the American brand founded in 1975 by Charlie Clifford, the bag department store expands its portfolio to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luggage. Now, the luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories from various series in the bag department store will be available, because good luggage is more than just a pleasant luxury. Continue reading →

How Do I Choose The Right Child Backpack Carrier

The child backpack is a must-have accessory, whether you go on a trip… Every child needs for school: to go to kindergarten, school,… and for his hobbies: for the pool, activities, and with friends… Often we just found effortlessly and yet, it is not necessary to pay too much to have a practical and comfortable for your little backpack!

I’ll give you tips about How to choose your child’s backpack

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Discover The Climbing Cliff 20 Backpack

The Climbing Cliff 20 Backpack: Your Best Backpack

A year ago I bought backpack climbing Cliff 20 Simond, was looking for a wall that was light and the size backpack just to get everything you need to spend a day hanging on the wall but also large enough to carry at least 2 strings of 60mt and protect them in the approaches that had lots of vegetation. Continue reading →

Fabrics Used for Backpacks

What is our backpacks made of? Read below what decide what you need when you go out in the mountains or the city.

A specially treated polyamide (nylon) which is extremely durable. 1000D polyamide is our most powerful backpack fabric and sits at the bottom of most of our backpacks. PU-coated for water resistance.

An extremely durable Cordura fabric that is coated with PU in four steps for maximum water resistance and durability.

Polyester is a material that is highly resistant to destructive UV rays as defined on Indexdotcom. Our 600D polyester fabric is coated with PU in two steps for extra waterproofness. It is durable and works well in tough conditions.

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