Bathtub Buying Guide

The bathtub is the largest element of the bathroom. If aesthetics is important, other criteria are added to make the bath a true moment of well-being. This is so advice to choose your bathtub.

It is far time of the rudimentary bath planters to wash was simple hygiene. Here comes the time of pleasure and care, where bathtubs combine the grace and comfort with the design, to make the bath a true moment of happiness and the tub an exception object.

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Feng Shui In The Bedroom Helps Improve Sleep

Chinese technique collaborates on harmonization of objects around the room

Feng shui is a technique that was born in China with the purpose of harmonizing the environments from the arrangement of objects. According to the consultant Leticia Andrade, Asians believe, with feng shui, you can ensure a healthier life for the inhabitants of the House. And that includes improving the quality of sleep.

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Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Soft light or intense, hot or cold: go for the lighting for the bathroom that you like and enjoy relaxing moments. Contemporary chandeliers and wall lamps in metal or traditional wooden furniture give the room the right light and create a relaxing allure. Register for free: every day online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani!

Bathroom lighting: atmosphere and relaxation

Nowadays, the toilet is the room no longer just dedicated to personal hygiene–is also used as a place to regenerate body and mind–this is why you must carefully choose the lighting for the bathroom. To create the right atmosphere in this environment you will need to adjust the lighting

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