What It Is and How to Use the Greek Eye?

Why Use Greek Eye Jewelry?

Although the Greek Eye forming part of an ancient culture, often associated with religious matters, he is still widely used today not only as a talisman, but also as a beautiful accessory. Nowadays, the Greek Eye is used as pending for different jewelry, such asnecklaces and bracelets, and also serve as a great pattern for garments. But you know the meaning and the origin of this symbol so appreciated and used? So here’s what the meaning of the Greek Eyeand learn a little of the history of this ancient amulet but as used these days. Continue reading →

Women’s Accessories Bracelets

No minimalismos and discretion, the order is to call attention and the maxi accessories are the pieces of the time. Especially the bracelets, which are lush and in numerous quantities and used several at once. They appear huge, bright, colorful and super bold, with combinations of pieces in colors, shapes, patterns and sizes, indispensable in montação of a modern and sexy. Continue reading →

Outlook 2014:Jewelery Is Getting More Filigree

The new year is here – and with it come a lot of new trends in fashion, accessories and of course jewelry. Especially in the area of ​​jewelery, a clear direction can already be seen: in the past months and years, large parts of the statement that attracted the eye, chains, rings, earplugs and co Filigree. The jewelery designers, however, do not only focus on finer designs, but also on new designs and refined variants of what you already know and have seen. We present the most important changes and trends for 2014 on time and in a nutshell:

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Self Concept Store Jewelry

When I think of purchasing a gem or accessory the first thing that comes to mind is to go to centres jewellers, living in Guadalajara where these places abound in the center of the city and I know that I can find a wide variety of products, it is where would be to get along with the detail I want to give; but the important thing in this post is to mention that we have an option where you will find unique pieces of important jewelry designers the place is called SELF Concept Store.

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Hello October! We Are Looking Forward To The New Fall Styles!

We welcome the love October now official.Because now it’s so far, and the fall season is now in full swing. While there are still often late and thus warm days in September, it is still cool from October and the Sun is also not quite as much. Above all, it always past dark in the evening and the day is shrinking. The trees and plants shine now in rich autumn colors. And since nature does change something, there for all fashion to discover again many new girls & boys.

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Men’s Bracelets: Get To Know This Trend

Among men, accessories are elements of representation. And their use is part of the history of mankind: in Egypt, the use of bracelets dates back to 5,000 BC and had a strong religious significance. According to the study “Object of adornment: male consumption “, by the Portuguese Carla Susana Mendes Silva Rodrigues, the need to differentiate from others and to identify with their tribe is linked to the use of ornaments. The Indian headdress is a good example of this practice, as are the jewelry of soccer players and rappers.

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How to Make a Special Bracelet

Distortion, distortion, my bracelet shatters a little when I work on the computer or me makeup in the morning. And each of the small Klimper pendant is a special memory for me. This is exactly why I love my Charm bracelet also.

In German, the popular bracelets with many small charms Bettelarm tapes hot. The bracelets were popular mainly in the 60s. No matter, where you made vacation, anywhere there was a little reminder in the form of a trailer for the charm bracelet.

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