Tablets, and Smartphones Must Save Electronic Market

Equipment must represent 43% of manufacturers of electronic products. Market will have slight drop this year, according to the CEA

Presentation held two days before CES 2014 , the world’s biggest electronics fair, Steve Koenig, Director of market analysis area of the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association), showed technology market trends for this year.

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You Should Change Your Iphone by Galaxy SIII?

The British magazine Stuff, a reference when it comes to technology, elected the Galaxy SIII the gadget of the year. He defeated the iPad, the iPhone, the Nokia 920 and the Nexus 7 to keep the title. But will the device from Samsung really deserved that honor? I think what were the criteria of choice. Maybe the amount of features implemented? Who knows the number of sales of 30 million in a few months? Or the design? No doubt it was an amalgamation of everything.

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Test: Panasonic CM1, a Good Smartphone and a Good Camera

Its large sensor makes the best camera phone of the moment the cm1. But he is not yet at the level of the compact experts.

Panasonic lumix dmc – cm1: The promise

Unveiled at the photokina and presented at the end of october french press, panasonic cm1 is a nice ufo, a fantasy as he tries to bring together the best of smartphones top of range with the best of the compact experts. Successful merger or technical mirage? The answer in the test!

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