Samsung Monitor for Games Brings All the Roles

Over the years, Samsung brings to Brazil the most modern monitors. Attentive to the growing market of games in the country and in the world, the company offers a great option for those who want to enjoy the best of video games. The Samsung Monitor Gamer of 24 inch Bow hits the market this month, the best online stores and retailers. See below for all the details of this major release that will rock the world of gaming! Continue reading →

Test: Panasonic CM1, a Good Smartphone and a Good Camera

Its large sensor makes the best camera phone of the moment the cm1. But he is not yet at the level of the compact experts.

Panasonic lumix dmc – cm1: The promise

Unveiled at the photokina and presented at the end of october french press, panasonic cm1 is a nice ufo, a fantasy as he tries to bring together the best of smartphones top of range with the best of the compact experts. Successful merger or technical mirage? The answer in the test!

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