Tips for Using Pieces of Knitting in Winter

How To Use Knitting Autumn/Winter 2012

If there’s one thing that characterizes winter, of course, is the knitting. The various parts that can be made with the multiple types of knitting stitches are every day coming back a little bit more for fashion. There was a time to use those articles it was Grandma, the knitting is modernizing and attracting younger consumers. Continue reading →

Women’s Fashion for Ladies

Stylish and experienced mature women are increasingly concerned with the beauty and tuned with what is happening in fashion. Vain and well cared for, the contemporary ladies are safe and housewives themselves, in addition to having good purchasing power and wish to always walk in style, with pieces that Excel elegance, quality and comfort. Continue reading →

Latest Vintage Fashion Trends

Every year back in fashion apparel fell into obscurity for decades, and so everyone go crazy for pieces that never would have thought to ask for. Just long enough that a launch a trend, which now comes from Zara. But rather than go buy a vintage-inspired piece, why not point directly at vintage that inspired the new trend?

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NYFW Fashion Week 2016

Continues on the third day I search for a lowest common denominator between genres and opposite styles that acts as the common thread to the New York Fashion Week FW 2016-2017 and takes shape in collections ranging from rebellion and bon ton.

Right from day one, the New York Fashion Week FW 2016-2017 moves along two paths proceeding in the same direction, approaching, crossing and moving away: tradition and innovation. A theme double and speculate, explored on the third day with a series of collections contrasting with an elegant style, measured and bon ton a punk, unconventionaland rebellious.

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