Westwing Guide Toindian Chandelier

Lighting is one of the most important things in the home, as it directly interferes with quality of life, well-being and comfort in any home environment. In addition to the beauty of investing in a chandelier at home, it also brings with it the advantages of providing comfort for a reading environment for example. As we speak in beauty, nothing like betting on a beautiful piece to have enhanced lighting like an Indian chandelier. Continue reading →

Westwing Guide for Copper Luster

The chandelier is one of the most important elements for the good lighting of a space. Whether it is small or large, with many details or without filler, the chandelier has the power to give different senses to a room, which can be more cozy, modern or even intimate, according to the model used. For those who like beautiful pieces, refined and referring to the elements found in nature, the copper chandelier is a very special item. Continue reading →

Antique Style Chandeliers

Wood, iron or with luxurious multifaceted Crystal pendants, anything goes at modernism chandelier. Offers style and elegance to your home! Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style.

Antique chandelier: retro essences

What is the true meaning of “modernism”?

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Magical Children’s Rooms

Light is an important element for a child. Proper lighting is not only necessary to study better or play outdoors during the darkest days, but also during the night, when shadows are turned into monsters and the light is a valuable ally to defeat them. The lamps for the bedroom
Our site will delight your children and transform their rooms into a fun place.

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Benefits of Using Chandelier

The chandelier is a light tendency. It was much used in the old days at the time of the Kings. However, in the era of the XXI century, the chandelier is still topical. So why buy a chandelier?

The chandelier: real element of decoration

The chandelier is an original fixture. His old concept but which is renewed all the time gives an absolutely stunning decorative property. The frame of a chandelier often presents itself as a candlestick with candle holder. It is true that at the time, the chandelier was a candle lighting fixture. But today, this type of fixture is used mainly decoration. Have a chandelier is to opt for the chic and magnificence. In 2016, while the chandeliers still exist, they do have these kinds of candle holders. However, their structure remains the same. Articulated arms, in the shape of rounded arches, ending with a nerve to the bulb, replace older models. The design of the candlestick of the era is preserved!

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