Practicality with Lots of Fashion Information

Today’s Style Bureau takes a trip in the history of fashion and clothing by rescuing an accessory that has been with us since the iconic 40’s!

Shoulder bags appeared in the face of the fervor of the end of World War II! The men were in the midst of war, and women began to frequent factory floors to cover the shortage of labor. Continue reading →

Tips for Travel in the Winter in Europe with Handbags

A few years ago I wrote this post here with tips of perfect items to assemble your bag of winter. But today I decided to show in practice how I did to mount my suitcase to spend a month in the winter of Europe and even split the trip and take enough clothes for 12 days of travel using only hand luggage.

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5 Bags Tips for Summer 2017

New station, new accessories on the shelves! Follow in this post the models of bags for the summer 2017 more quoted to give to the faces in the streets. Despite the changes, this new period will be  very democratic. They will be  mini, maxi, round, square, irreverent, pastel tones,… It does not matter : find the one that suits your customers the most and succeed without fear of making a mistake! Continue reading →