Add-Ins and ‘Pop’ Clothing That Most Triumph This Season. Do You Already Have Yours?

Pop fashion invades stores and is proclaimed as one of the Queen tendencies of the season spring-summer 2016. Although it is not new, the truth is that there are more firms that dare to bet on this original fashion where the eyes and fun shapes decorate accessories, accessories and clothing. A fun join us sessions and give way to a different touch to the final styling. Continue reading →

How to Choose Her Engagement Ring

Diamond or Sapphire? Gold or Platinum? Classic or original? The choice of an engagement ring does not lightly. Here’s what to know before you choose this precious gem.

Who says engagement, says engagement ring. If the groom can choose himself the jewel, it can also let his wife choose the ring of his choice in order to avoid nasty surprises. In this case, it usually offers a cheap jewel to his dear and tender when he asks his hand. Then it’s the lucky one who chooses his ‘real’ jewel, and the choice is not made lightly. Before you choose an engagement ring, it is essential to have a well-defined budget because if the choice is vast, it is the same for rates. Depending on the metal and the stone chosen, the price can go from simple to double. Continue reading →