Sunglasses Guide: Styleguide For The Summerest Accessory Of The Man

Eyeglasses on Maenner-Style. de are no longer seen as mere visual aids for a long time but also work wonderfully as an accessory in everyday life. Due to the summer time, I have dared to go with thissunglass guide, my personal Styleguide for the most summerly accessory of the man and would like to give you helpful tips and tricks, with the selection of your sunglasses with the on the way.

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How to Find The Right Hat for Your Face Shape

If you think you are no caps, then I tell you: not! Because to every face fits a cap, it just depends on the shape. For round faces match other than caps edged faces. Presumably you get the statement sound familiar? True, in sunglasses Looks Like quite similar. Round faces carry ideally other spectacles as square faces. For every face shape, there is the optimal model. And the best hats. Try it out, so you no longer have to walk through freezing snow and rain!

So you know which hat fits which face, I give you here a brief overview. Before You still have to find out what face shape you have. But you take all the hair back and ask before you that you nachzeichnest your face. Some women have one of two forms characteristic elements of the face. If this is true also with you, you can try on the hats of both faces. Which Cap is me anyway? Here the styling tips!

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