Fishing for Wild Trout and Rainbow Trout in the Black Forest

Trout prowl round two

After the great fishing days in the last week, I was still hot on more exciting Forellendrills. Because Felix wanted back on the water and I could leave bad alone, the thick Trutten catch him, I took me spontaneously half a day off. Therefore, nothing in the way was a great day of fishing. Conditions were ideal this time, easy to blighted and increased water, let us also hope that the large rather shy trout, which are hardly to outwit in clear water, would bite. Already in the first place, a great trout grabbed my lure, that starts really well we thought.

But on the other places it ran initially so bad that Felix was even afraid that he would tailor any. But then came the bites, so that even Felix could soon land a fish. The first really good the day banged but then with me on the Magic Swimmer, as Felix was busy just to assemble and eat just a bun. Continue reading →

Fantastic Comfort Offered by Boat Seat

There is no denying that a comfortable chair on the boat makes all the difference when you’re on the high seas. Is fishing, sailing or travel, you need to count on a comfortable chair, mainly by the need for a comfortable and safe support. This Chair is also a great attraction for your boat, plus check out a cool visual. To check your design right if note that this is a high quality Chair and developed thinking in your comfort. Continue reading →

3 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Fish Podeerosas

I never tire of repeating that the art of angling is one of the healthier perform jointly with the family… activities, and not because it is my passion to mention it, no no no, but because in reality this sport air free, full of concentration, knowledge, study, perseverance and love of nature; I am completely confident that you will become a better person. With this article I’m going to appoint 3 powerful reasons why you should learn to fish.

Above all it is important to emphasize to you that don’t need to be exclusively male to become a fisherman; today women much attention them all related to fishing, which is why it becomes a family practice, a sport undoubtedly join the family. Continue reading →

3 Suggested Species in Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is without a doubt one of the most jovial and exciting pleasures to practice. As such, sport fishing is defined as the one practiced with the sole purpose of fishing only for the emotion of competing, of trying to capture the largest piece, but then in this mode the fish is returned to the water; Ie it has no commercial character. Continue reading →

Keys to the Coast in Mar Del Plata

How to make a lot of copies fishing in that mode in “La Feliz”. Image gallery.

The city of Mar del Plata stands not only for being a great tourist destination for vacations in family, but also by having a variety of centrally located places in which you can practice our favorite sport. There are many very suitable for fishing, areas in which you can capture a wide variety of species between the lighthouse and the roundabout of Constitution. At this time which most abundant are the silver side and the kingcroakers. In the lines that follow we will describe the best downtown areas, characteristics and equipment to use. Continue reading →

Kayak Bass Fishing Mexico

We went from Morelia headed Calderon dam, close to Zapotlanejo, Jalisco. Went to Don José, Saenz (SAENZ in the Forte of Michoacán), Juan José Mora (its name as such in Michoacán Forum), Leo Pantoja (LPANTOJA on the Forum) and a server.There we would find with Ricardo Ibarra (in Jalisco RIBARRA Forum), who fish in the boat with Leo and Juan Jose. Don José and Saenz would practice fishing fly from shore, debuting their new tied and complying with an output that had promised to Don Jose for two years… and yo mero as the kayak, you know some who I’m Kayak’s heart and when I can always I took it, made while not using it and then wanted to desestresarme and live with the guys.

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Hook, An Essential Tool in the Fishing

The brush hook, commonly known in most of the countries of Latin America, is a fundamental tool for every fisherman in sites of fishing with a height determined and very used in fishing boats. It is of vital importance that if don’t know this attachment you start to relate with, as I can assure you my friend that you’ll get several predicament to draw water to a specimen of good size. In the article of will talk a little bit about the hook, which is actually the same, types of hook, thus its optimal use in hooking the fish. Continue reading →

Fishing with Good Rod

Fishing with a poorly filled reel or a tired line is a rookie mistake. To control emergency!

Check the wire goes through two stages: (wear, twist, strength) quality control, then the good filling of the coil.

First check the aspect (bleached, shoddy, braid nylon scratchy, rough, too twisted, etc.). Questionable parts are deleted.

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What Bait to Use for Trout Fishing

The trout fishing is one of the most ancient types of fishing, which are essential technique and the presence of bait to get success. The use of the methodology is quite important: the rotation and the movement stimulates the bite alarms bait fish, and must be parameterized in a different way, according to the depth and the water temperature. But what is the best bait you need to employ to be able to fish for trout ?? The following practical and detailed guide on display in the next steps, you’ll find out which bait to use to not go home with an empty basket!

Of course, the best bait that you can find in circulation is the silkworm, which is a small larva selected by many fishermen and for its liveliness (even water) for both its attractiveness and appeal of the trout, as well as for its low purchase cost. In certain fisheries contexts, however, it was banned because, if ingested, could cause the death puncturing the stomach of the trout. Alternatively, then, you can successfully use salmon eggs red, sold in specialty stores in convenient cans similar to those traceable in supermarkets for use in the kitchen. Some anglers use as bait also the same trout eggs present inside the fish, always with interesting results. Continue reading →

How to Wear Fishnet Hose

Fishnet stockings are one of the pieces in the women’s closet. They are constantly connected with fantasy or sensual visual, but that is not always their main use. The carnival is quite common to use the piece around in costumes like pirate and Colombina, but you can have but one in the closet and use day to day without any problem. Just know, like everything in fashion, how to combine. Just make a good use of it.

Any body type can use? Yes! It is not a half stuck, just, and even gives more than the others, so the basic look is much easier to assemble. There are several colors of this article, the most common is black. But nothing prevents you from getting different colors to diversify the look as red, white or blue and red, are also easy to find. The best time to buy would be close to carnival and Halloween, when the play becomes a sales fever. But throughout the year you buy in cities smoothly, even in Lojas Americanas and supermarket retailers with diverficiação items.

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Places to Fish in Araucanía

Lake Caburgua

This lake is 24 km from Pucon. At the southern end is Playa Negra, where you can rent a boat with a boatman to go fishing with best guides.

Calafquén lake
This lake is 124 km from Temuco. The water is warm, and on the coast the village of Lican Ray, where you can rent a boat with a boatman to go fishing is.

Colico Lake
This lake is 134 km from Temuco. There is access to the beaches from which you can launch a boat.

Quillelhue lake
This lake is 30 km from Curarrehue, inside the Villarrica National Park, before the Cristo Redentor and after customs post Puesco. It is an ideal place for fishing.

Lake Villarrica
This lake is 86 km from Temuco. You can rent a boat with a boatman to go fishing both in the lake itself and on the Toltén River, which flows out of the lake.

Laguna Tinquilco
This lake is 30 km from Pucon, east of Lake Caburgua and at the entrance to Huerquehue National Park. You can rent a boat and offers excellent fishing.

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