Recommended LED Flashlights


Solar Force LED flashlights are water resistant down to at least 1 meter deep, the lights have several o-rings in rubber to ensure a smooth and waterproof function. The lights are not pressure-proof and are therefore not intended for diving or under water. It is important that the flashlight wiped and is not covered with running water when opened or the battery exchange to take place, water may get into and short function and destroy the lamp. Change thus batteries in a dry environment and avoid doing so in direct rain.

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LED Flashlights in the Test

We compare Mag-Lite with two no-name LED Flashlight: Saving energy ultimately depends on these devices along with the convenience.

Flashlights are very gladly offered by PiercingFlashlights – nothing eats even the most expensive batteries as soon as empty as a flashlight bulb.

If possible, cheap, bad switch constructions assist, the most popular are any dubious rotary or slide switch, the “natural” by itself turn on, at least a little, and so completely unnoticed empty suck the battery.

This then leads to the flashlight during a power failure, when you need them, prompt no more juice has – and with any luck the deeply discharged battery has leaked and has even dirty the inside of the flashlight. The good news (for the battery manufacturer):

If you are not very thorough dressing, the caustic residues will lead to leakage and drain the new batteries also.

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