Shoe Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Evening shoes studded with beads from silk and leather, which were made around 1960 in France. Designed by Roger Vivier for Christian Dior.

Museum displays the famous London Victoria and Albert 13 June 2015 an exhibition of the most beautiful and most unusual shoes from all over the world. Under the title ‘ shoes: pleasure and pain ‘ more than 200 spectacular specimens are presented: Golden Sandals from ancient Egypt on iconic fashion models and shoes great personalities – up to the latest designs from the 3-D printer… Continue reading →

Winter Footwear

Powerful, the shoes can lift in a matter of seconds, the most basic looks. So, are increasingly valued in parades and anticipated by the women who, in addition to the clothes, yearn for their favorite brands to see which new reserved about fashion shoe. Check out some of the trends already in advance for winter 2012: Continue reading →

5 Must-Haves In This 2014 Male Footwear

Today I’m going to talk about the year it shoes, you know what? They definitely are the slippers, while style is giving turns over the past years, have become to be taken in a much more casual look than in former times. Neutral colors are one of the best options, but to make the best impression Gets a few showstoppers in contrasting colours and with striking embroidery as this Cricket & Pancho in black and gold, are definitely a must-haves of this 2014.

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Leighton Meester In Jimmy Choo-“Style Diary”

March 31, 2015 fashion “Gossip Girl” Star Leighton Meester has their favorite pieces from the spring/summer collection by 2015 by Jimmy Choo selected and photographed himself for the British designer label created is a “style diary”, which the actress gives it an interesting Bohemian chic.

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How To Choose Winter Boots

Winter comes and with it the eternal problem of choosing shoes that allow us to keep our feet tucked away from the cold and rain and at the same time be comfortable and be able to walk long distances without the weather is a problem. In addition, the footwear should adapt to our everyday needs and, depending on your use, be of greater or lesser quality, so it’s important to know how to choose boots for winter according to your routine and activities.

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The Footwear in the Winter

The falling leaves show it clearly : The golden autumn is in full swing and the icy winter approaches with great steps.

Frost and difficult weather do not mean that you have to do without chic shoes in the coming season. But on the contrary!

To help you find the latest winter models, I have compiled the great trends of the coming season for you. Discover now, wonderful boots , boots and pumps, which will guarantee you style and confidence through the coming months!

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