Back to School: Briefcase Or Backpack?

Every year, at the same time, a discussion comes up: which bag to buy for back to school? From elementary school to higher, no one escapes this! Even students of pre-entry examination and technical courses must make this decision every year.

Many doubts occur in time of choice: Which style is ideal for storing my books and notebooks? Which model is most recommended to avoid damaging the spine? Should I choose folders or backpacks? Is there any scholarship that fall well with various styles of clothing? See the answers to these and other questions now! Continue reading →

Online Shopping:My New Handbags!

That I don’t have much on the hat with the theme of fashion, is probably less surprising at this point. I don’t know, somehow my interest is just somewhere else. I want to be comfortable and chic and casual dressed and especially not renounce my sneaker. I totally love to wear basic shirts and’m am not worried about my outfit. I mean, I run not around like Schlumpi, am but still far from any fashion trends. All the more impressive, I think all the women who are not 0815 dressed through the streets run.

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History of the Handbag

History of the handbag / purse in the changing of times

Im range of fashion and design plays the bag not only in the literal, but also in the higher sense a supporting role. But no matter, whether it is dealing with a model from edgy acting tarpaulin, ecologically correct mined material or quaint leather – all available today representatives of the Lady’s handbag has a common development history:

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Vintage Hermes Bag Auction

The “Kelly Bag” in jeans blue Epsom leather with the portrait of Grace Kelly.

Festival of fashionistas: “Artcurial-Briest-Poulain-F.Tajan” organizes an auction with Hermes’s one hundred vintage handbags on July 24th at the prestigious Hermitage Hotel in Monte Carlo. A Kelly bag that graces the image of the young Gracy Kelly is considered a very special item and is a unique rarity among the numerous highlights of this auction. Continue reading →

Olympus Leather Bag

A Parisian designer invents leather bags!

Brands of handbags woman are numerous topics and articles on virtually inexhaustible.But the creators or designers of leather goods French interesting, unique or original are much less; more so if they offer leather bags beautifully made at reasonable prices. The right designer bag at all but downright elitist original!

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How to Choose the Perfect Lady’s Handbag?

Handbag is much more than just a fashion accessory. It is a practical tool for carrying essentials and also a way to express your style. You can play with her ​​in awkward moments, or even used as a weapon in a dangerous situation. Buying a new handbag, whether ordinary or a luxury handbag, so it may not be exactly easy. However, we have some tips that would help me get help.

Trying to find the keys at the bottom of her purse the night before the unlit entrance with strange noises behind him might, be the reason why you choose the right one.

Ear handbags – Have you ever bought a bag over her shoulder, which will subsequently kept slipping from her shoulder? Or, conversely, a purse with small handles, so you should keep your hands full? Or choose a handbag with a narrow strip off your chest that you will walk for bashing? We need to decide what size and the size of the ear in women’s handbags for you to be the best while still comfortable.

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