Huawei Ascend Mate and Ascend D2


Huawei is a Chinese manufacturer who wants to start in the smartphone area. Huawei seems to be the key factor, as the Ascend Mate is now the world’s largest display in a smartphone.With a huge 6.1-inch screen, the Ascend Mate stands out clearly from the competition. While other manufacturers are trying to keep their devices compact, Huawei obviously does not worry about the mobility of such a device. Continue reading →

Galaxy S7: Samsung Tests Android Nougat

Android 7.0 Nougat has been out for several weeks and the first manufacturers are starting to implement the new operating system on their smartphones. This also includes Samsung. The company from South Korea is currently working hard to test Android nougat on the Galaxy S7.Previously, Google was provided with a Dev Preview, which should allow initial tests and adjustments. Therefore it is currently the most exciting question as to how long the test phase in the house Samsung will last. Continue reading →

Huawei Fit, a Fitness Watch-Like Bracelet

Those who are looking for a bracelet or watch connected to track their physical activity have the choice in a market where several manufacturers offer products for every taste and all prices. If it is Fitbit who monopolizes the biggest market share, other manufacturers hope to make him shade with quality products. This is the case of Huawei, which launched a few weeks ago Huawei Fit, a fitness bracelet that looks more like a watch.

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Huawei Ascend G6 and Ascend P7 Presented Mini

The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer Huawei has presented two new smartphones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: the Ascend G6 and the Ascend P7 mini. Both Smartphones have a 4.5 inch screen and run with the Android version 4.3.

The Ascend G6 looks pretty spiffy, is excellently processed and weighs only 115 grams. It has a 4.5-inch display with 960 x 540 pixels. Faster quad-core processor provides decent performance at the Ascend G6 a 1.2 GHz. The 4 GB internal memory of Ascend G6 can via MicroSD card up be expanded to 32 GB. The main camera of the Ascend G6 take photos with 8-megapixel photos, the front camera is 5 mega pixels.

The Ascend P7 mini has a similar facilities such as the Ascend G6. Both the display size and resolution than even the processor and the camera are mini at the Ascend P7 identical as in the Ascend G6. One of the few differences of the Ascend P7 mini: the internal memory of the Ascend P7 mini 8 GB is great and the Ascend P7 mini with LTE and NFC is also equipped. Both smartphones will come in April when us in Germany already in the trade. The Ascend G6 will be in black and white. Cost is about 249 euros. The Ascend P7 is available from April also mini in white and black. Numbers is one for the Ascend P7 mini around the $299.

Of course, there will be also to the two new Chinese cell phone suppliers from Huawei to buy in our online shop, as soon as they come out. We inform you here on the blog as soon as they are!

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