How to Choose the Ideal Fixture for Your Home Office

To avoid glare and reflections on the work surface that can cause fatigue and discomfort visual, home offices, study rooms and offices require special attention with regard to lighting.

The lighting technique Sandra Tan explains that, in addition to the choice of lamps, it is important to note the type of lamp and the correct position of the light beam to create a pleasant working environment, no reflections on the computer screen.

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Ecological Home Design

There is a place of calm amid the bustle of the Fuorisalone, where these days have found a home design objects and productions “responsible” for social and environmental well. Are the stars of “Goodesign-work well, better to dwell” (er, the slogan seems tailor-made for me and for people like me… working from home!), An event sponsored by Best up , the circuit for the promotion of housing sustainable, and Cascina Cuccagna, an old farmhouse of the seventeenth century in the heart of Milan in the past two years has been involved in a restoration and… participatory. Continue reading →

Geometric Lamp: New Trend of Decoration

Let your home decoration modern and charming with the geometrical fixtures.

You want to leave your home more beautiful and modern? Then bet on a geometric lamp. This enriches the layout of any room with your charming design. Read the story and check out details about the trend.

The luminaires are used in decoration as a way of illuminating strategic points in environments. They also contribute to the exploitation of space, while breed a style or put some decorative item. Continue reading →

Westwing Guide to Blue Light

Brighten up and decorate your office, living room or bedroom with a beautiful blue lamp. No matter what the decorative style applied to an environment, the lighting is fundamental aspect to value and reveal and beauty of the interior. In addition to aesthetics, lighting also directly influences the functionality of spaces, routine and task execution.Nowadays, there is a world in possibilities in the design of luminaires, lamps and secondary lighting accessories in general. Continue reading →

Antique Style Chandeliers

Wood, iron or with luxurious multifaceted Crystal pendants, anything goes at modernism chandelier. Offers style and elegance to your home! Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style.

Antique chandelier: retro essences

What is the true meaning of “modernism”?

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