Westwing Guide to Blue Light

Brighten up and decorate your office, living room or bedroom with a beautiful blue lamp. No matter what the decorative style applied to an environment, the lighting is fundamental aspect to value and reveal and beauty of the interior. In addition to aesthetics, lighting also directly influences the functionality of spaces, routine and task execution.Nowadays, there is a world in possibilities in the design of luminaires, lamps and secondary lighting accessories in general. Continue reading →

Pdled Participates in Event of Condos

The Friday Secovi River, which happened on days 13 and 14 September, received the PDLED team at the stand of the Union of Electrical industry, gas, Sanitary and plumbing of the State of Rio de Janeiro (SINDISTAL), which the company is a partner. The event, which was held at the Centro de Convenções SulAmérica, was consolidated as a reference in the sector since your first edition, offering “services, products and solutions to the market for condominiums”, how do you explain the site. Continue reading →

Did You Know That LED also Need Certification?

The LED lamp your need to have quality certificate. For this, the Inmetro (National Institute of metrology, quality and technology) has established conduct and standards for manufacturers and importers. The regulation of LED bulbs is in effect since the day 17 March 2015, with the publication of administrative rule 389 , which establishes the obligation of following norms and standards defined by Inmetro. The purpose is to ensure more safety and reliability of the products. Continue reading →

Solar Garden Lights: Solar Ball Lights Compared

Here, too, it’s time for an update after about 2 years. One of the models presented here has only a very bad rating on our site due to its poor durability. But a different solar ball is a bestseller.

I reported the days ever on solar fairy lights  , but now it specifically will go once to a very chic solar decorative element for the garden. Today, I would like to introduce you to three different solar lights for the garden and compare them with each other.

The advantages of solar garden lights are on hand. It’s a lamp where everything you need is included. A solar panel that generates electricity during the day and stores it in a contained battery, a light that glows in the evening automatically and the whole thing is then housed in a fancy case. Continue reading →

Innovative LED Emergency Lights

Emergency and safety

Have you ever had to remain in the dark at home for an electric black out?

It certainly doesn’t feel good, especially for the little ones!

For this inconvenience you can avoid providing your home emergency lamps that provide light in case of lack: it is due to a fault in the line or to a detachment of the circuit breakers, the absence of artificial light, especially in the dark hours, will not represent a problem for our safety.

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LED Suspension Lights

Think of lamps with LED light source means imagine changing colour effects and imaginative and low-power conditions: now that’s what we usually think about when we hear of this product range, increasingly commercially launched and supported by an adequate hype pushing a lot about their durability and low power consumption as well as their reliability and yield.

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