Difference Between Fluorescent and LED Tube

One of the most used lamp types around the world is the tubular. Since coming to the market in fluorescent model, revolutionized the way we light offices, shops, garages, and other spaces. For a long time there was a competitor that could compete with her, until the arrival of the LED. Continue reading →

Lighting for Video: How to Hit Your Productions

Who produces or wants to start producing audiovisual content need to be extra careful with a specific point: the lighting for video.

A poorly lit scene, besides the impression of lack of knowledge and technical care with the recording, can spoil the viewing experience for your users and impacting very negatively your communication strategy.

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Did You Know That LED also Need Certification?

The LED lamp your need to have quality certificate. For this, the Inmetro (National Institute of metrology, quality and technology) has established conduct and standards for manufacturers and importers. The regulation of LED bulbs is in effect since the day 17 March 2015, with the publication of administrative rule 389 , which establishes the obligation of following norms and standards defined by Inmetro. The purpose is to ensure more safety and reliability of the products. Continue reading →

Review: Bioledex-Led Spotlights – More In It, As It Says

Four current Bioledex LED spotlight during my test and measurement laboratory have done surprisingly well. The brightness ratings were significantly exceeded;the light quality corresponded largely to the promised data.

Admitted: after various tests and experiences with previous Bioledex LED lamps (keyword: “corn cob”) I was initially skeptical as me “Home sphere”-online-shop free four white retrofit test models the “DEL-KO”trade mark from Augsburg, Germany wanted to make available. The Schwarzenbeker Engineer Ronald Wiggert assured me but that he had extensively tested the New Bioledex range and good. Continue reading →

From The Ledlager Range: Bioledex LED Spotlight “Helso” Winner Stiftung Warentest

Spot lamps are versatile and practical. It is often installed as spotlights in ceiling. But also well suitable as Außenbe¬leuchtung, working lamp or reading lamp. Bulb of choice were halogen lights due to the good color rendering long time. These however are not known for their frugality. No wonder that even halogen spots are replaced increasingly by LED spotlights. But which hold, what manufacturers promise, which would you recommend it confidently and what should you keep better their hands? Stiftung Warentest has tested it and tested 10/2014 16 LED – and four halogen spotlights on heart and kidney in issue.

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