Pants Legging Jeans, Pictures and Models

The perfect Union of our already so loved jeans, with the practicality and the comfort of leggings, is that fashion has designed the newest piece and must-have of the season, the jeggings. They arrived with all and guarantee absolute reign in fashion, both from there, as here in the tropics. Fans of a good leggings and beem set pieces to the body, the Brazilian fell into the graces of the pants, which also allows a multitude of looks and combinations. Continue reading →

Leggings Plus Size, Neon And Shirt Creeper

Hello dear, yesterday I received a question about how to use plus size legging pants. I never found it hard, in fact, didn’t even know it was an issue, but I think the whole question is valid! So, I’m not staying here pooping, but I can say as a rule I think more beautiful use leggings, especially for someone who is more voluptuous like us fatties.

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How to Wear Leggings with a Skirt


Convenient and flexible , a perfect casual head for the life of every day, we are talking about leggings . It is now available in every conceivable variation , whether it related to the color or fabric. There are in fact heavy and dark fabric , but also in light fabric and even floral. Therefore almost impossible not to find the perfect one for you. But if we wanted to match it and wear it in the original file so? Combine it with a skirt is the solution! But let’s find out how to do it, together.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • Leggings
  • Skirt

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How to Choose the Right Leggings

If you really Leggings stylewant, you should consider a few things. By combining unfavorable legs too short and the body proportions may otherwise affect inharmonious.

In principle leggings like tights without feet and no real pants. Accordingly, you should not they also like to combine pants, but rather style as tights. What you should note, can be found here.

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Leggings Army Style 2016

Leggings were once rural bodies of clothes in Russia and Eastern Europe. Winding and footcloths – close relatives leggings – were used in the army.

Sense of Footless Leggings

– Is long enough and wide strips of cloth used for wrapping legs, starting with the foot. The producers in Russia wore them to bast shoes, boots. In other countries, they wore leather shoes. Documents State Franks referred to the time of Charlemagne, this part of clothing. Windings can be seen on European miniatures of past. No most common leggings produced in Russia and many Eastern European countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the Baltic countries.

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