Collection of Lingerie for Brides Hope: Items

The  Hope, one of the largest manufacturers of intimate female parts of the country, considered the Brazilian brides and asked the stylist Wanda Borges a bake special collection for women who will get married. For this proposal, the designer designed the Bride line, which involves 3 collections: the Dream, the Functional and the Daily Bride. They were made for every moment of the marriage: the ceremony, the wedding night and honeymoon. So, meet the items from the collection of lingerie for brides Hope  and prepare the most important nights of your life. Continue reading →

How to Wear: Long Socks

The legs, a sensual part of the female body, for many centuries could not be shown in public. That’s why the women wore dresses and skirts that dragged the floor. It was not until the twentieth century, more or less in the 1920s, that the legs were discovered . The stockings, then, no longer hid under long skirts. And with this valorization of the legs, the socks that cover them, were more worked and beautiful, just to be showns. Continue reading →

Pyjamas women’s Miss and Chic Luxury For Diseno2

We are obsessed by our image abroad but the more intimate image and private is what I like most care. I mean not only underwear but clothes night, Nightgowns, robes, and Pajamas that I use every night to go to sleep. For more than 15 years only buy these items in design 2. The most exclusive place of Madrid, a cult of elegance and good taste for clothes to wear at night when going to bed. I have long, short Nightgowns, each with her gown games, natural silk, lace, pajamas, long and short, with parts of the above suspenders, French sleeve or long-sleeve and each has their coverall game. Continue reading →

How to Choose a Bra That Fits

We find more and more size lingerie, but it does not mean that easy to choose the right bra … Come on, we help you!

More and more sites offer us the size lingerie, and One Stop Plus (Our site ) belongs to those who have the greatest offer.

But then, sometimes struggle was to choose the bra that is closest to our chest… There is not a question of size… Yes, ladies round, size is not not all !

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