Fall Fashion Winter Clothes

For the feminine world the  fall winter fashion just like in other seasons, for 2013 is with many novelties to leave options for all tastes and styles. This fashion promises a lot of excitement, because the basic and cool colors like black, white, brown, beige gray and others now also give room for the lively and colorful like green, blue, yellow, orange, red, wine, rose, and other , in addition to the varied prints such as floral, Japanese geometric, and psychedelic will be present in prints and embroidery in many pieces. Continue reading →

How to Wear: Long Socks

The legs, a sensual part of the female body, for many centuries could not be shown in public. That’s why the women wore dresses and skirts that dragged the floor. It was not until the twentieth century, more or less in the 1920s, that the legs were discovered . The stockings, then, no longer hid under long skirts. And with this valorization of the legs, the socks that cover them, were more worked and beautiful, just to be showns. Continue reading →